There She is allowed no will of

are a couple of situations in the movie that portrayed “violence against
women”.  According to me these two were
the major scenes that show the abuse of women, which is not accepted at any
cost. I personally feel that Laura Burney did the right thing to save her from
a pathological madman, her husband Martin.

Situation#1 – Spousal

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a man whose domestic neatness is his trademark have an Obsessive–compulsive
disorder (OCD), a mental disorder. He also has NPD (Narcissistic
personality disorder) a personality disorder with abnormal behavior that has a
hard feeling looking for self importance and lack of understanding other’s
feelings. These things turned out Martin to behave against his wife’s feelings
and turned out to be a marital rape. I feel that marriage won’t give a license
to husband to force wife against their will. 
Laura Burney indicates multiple times in the movie about how Martin
punishes her. Laura mentions in the movies that the first two days after their
wedding was only the most memorable days in her life- though she has been
married before 3.5 years, she keeps note of only them. This scene shows how
badly Laura wants to be away from Martin.

institutes a reign of psychological and physical terror for Laura. He is a kind
of husband who sees wife as a servant and possession. He shows the supremacy in
their relationship. She is allowed no will of her own. Martin didn’t allow
Laura to select her dress for a party, this shows how he is treating her and
how their relationship is continuing – FEAR.

               Martin has abused Laura saying
that she has an extramarital affair with a neighbor. This conversation between
Martin and Laura shows that Martin is a man with a zero trust in Laura and his
marriage relationship. He wrongly accuses his wife and humiliates her character
without believing in her.

personally feel that Suspicion is a devil and most destructive thing that
destroys the marriage relationship. This should not be allowed between two.
Trust is the most needed element to have a happy married life with peace. Love
comes later to make the relationship emotionally secure. In this situation
Martin is short of both the things. He neither cares for Laura’s feelings nor
her importance in their relationship. I think this is one of the reasons Laura
decided to escape from the miserable situation after her marriage and I think
that’s the right decision.

Situation#1 –
Physical abuse 

not only abuses her emotionally, but physically too. He strikes her first time
with hands and boots, that was a brutal impact. Martin is the man having
sickness with mental disorder. His behavior is compulsive. No one has a right
to physical abuse.

to wife with physical violence is not tolerable.  I feel that Martin (the
abuser) is the man with a problem. He needs some help. Laura did the right
thing by leaving him because Martin is man won’t change by other’s words and abuse
doesn’t get better, it gets worse. Laura cannot control Martin’s behavior, but
Laura can react to his behavior. As Laura’s reactions are her choice and her


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