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There is a time in each person’s life when they reach the point where they are no longer children; they become adults. And the time when this happens is different in everyone’s life. Since everyone is an individual and no two people are alike, challenging events affect them to such an extent that they are completely changed. Ultimately to arrive at adulthood, children do not reach this time by simply growing older. There, really is a definite, specific way to reach adulthood, and that is by facing challenging events. The coming of age theme is found in the short story, “Through the Tunnel” by Doris Lessing. It’s about a young boy who faces the challenges of something dangerous by a challenging event, of swimming underwater to impress boys that were older than him4. Stand by Me was a movie all about the coming of age that was made by Rob Reiner. The story is about four teenage boys going out to find a boy that is missing and assumed to be dead in a small town named Castle Rock. They were just trying to get famous from this. Both of these show such challenging events that affected the person or people to move to adulthood. In both texts, the protagonists went through challenging events affecting them to such an extent that they have completely changed. In Stand By Me as Gordie had learned from his brother’s death, ” In April, my older brother Dennis had been killed in a Jeep accident. Four months had passed, but my parents still hadn’t been able to put the pieces back together again.” and what had happened on the train tracks, it could have easily have been any of them. In “Through The Tunnel” it’s about Jerry the protagonist going through getting older. His father’s not there, he has an overprotective mother, and close to no friends. For instance, “And now, in a panic of failure, he yelled up, in English, “Look at me! Look!” and he began splashing and kicking in the water like a crazy dog. He was just trying to show everybody that he is actually capable of doing something dangerous.” Jerry’s clowning makes the older boys think that he is just a kid and not even close to being one of them, and since what happened he couldn’t even keep up with them it which caused them to swim back to shore without even looking at him. As soon as Jerry came out he instantly cried and went to his mom asking for swim goggles for him as he found the opening to the tunnel and train himself to make the passage. Every experience the characters go through will, in some way or another, help each of them to develop understanding. Coming of age is a life-long journey, but there are major events or experiences that they can go through that will play an important part in reaching adulthood.”I never had any friends later like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus, does anyone?” These words signal the end of Stand by Me. They showed growing up, going through puberty, and quickly approaching realities of adulthood – pretty much death. At the end they found the body, all sudden there is becomes a major problem as Ace pulls a flick-knife and Gordie draws the gun that Chris robbed from his dad. Ray Brower was a kid, just like them, and Gordies know one would try take him. That is not a prize to earn either group to get some fame; the guy deserves respect and the chance to rest in peace. Days of increasing his lung power, Jerry is finally able to hold his breath long enough to swim through the hole and succeeded. When he emerges from the tunnel, Jerry “wanted nothing but to get back home and lie down,” even though he sees the older boys some distance away.” Because now after this it had completely changed him. In conclusion, coming of age is an important and unique universal experience. Coming of age is happens to everyone know matter who you are when they face challenging events.  Although it happens to everyone, it is important not to forget how it happens. This theme was showed in these two texts by Doris Lessing short story “Through the Tunnel” as well as the movie Stand By Me by Rob Reiner. Every character must come of age at some point in their lives, whether through a challenging events, but what is most important is that you learn from it and carry it throughout your life. Always remember that everything that happens during a lifetime is important and happens for a reason. The process of coming of age is repeated throughout that lifetime, so take it and learn from it.


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