Theology all its inhabitants. Theology makes me understand

Theology enhances my belief about the existence of an Omni-present and powerful being God. It also triggers thoughts of a constant growing force of God’s actions in my life. Being a staunch Christian, the word theology makes me think of the great things God has accorded this world. Everybody passed through some religious teachings, which align them towards believing in one Supreme Being. Whichever religion one belongs or worship, everyone tends to question the existence of a God.  Theology helps me to understand the Bible in a much richer and deeper way that makes me reaffirm and grow in my faith. Everyone seeks to unravel the mystery of how He created this complex world with all its inhabitants. Theology makes me understand the cause of human existence and appreciate life, I recognize the meaning of life given to us by God, through detailed scripture reading about His deeds. This way, I comprehend God’s works (Berling, 2017).  When reading the Bible, theology increases my knowledge of a certain passage and the Spirit introduces it in a way that it should be interpreted and understood.  The more I read and get involved in dissecting the Word of God, theology delivers more truth in my soul and it leads the way for the Spirit within me to bring more people into a relationship with God.  Question 2 The act of abiding by the doctrines and provision of my religion may be, by itself, theology in some way. All through my life, I have been exposed to biblical teachings since I was young. I used to attend Sunday school classes and sing in the choir. I enrolled in a short program in the Catholic Church and joined the alter group. We used to help diocese fathers offer mass to the locals. We prepared for daily readings by rehearsing the verses before mass. This way, I was SIGNIFICANCE OF THEOLOGY   3 able to learn and understand newer and amazing biblical teachings. For instance, the survival of Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego in a hot furnace, confirms to me the existence of God as a Supreme Being.  The limited theological knowledge I acquired as a child gives me the motivation to seek more information on the subject. I desire to acquaint myself with adequate knowledge on theological facts and how they apply in the society (Berling, 2017). With enough erudition about the subject, I look forward to continuing teaching my younger ones with the hope that they will derive their own opinions and follow their path with God. The experience gives me the will to research broader about different faiths existing in the world. Question 3 The limited knowledge I possess about theology has helped me to cultivate a healthy and thriving relationship with God. I look forward to improving my relationship with Him throughout my life. I want to understand His feelings and thoughts about me and the world (Berling, 2017). I have a strong belief that the course will help me to view life from a different trajectory, and therefore, aid me to lead moral ways. I purpose to understand the life of Jesus Christ and his roles on earth. I want to learn about his miracles and teachings. Besides, I want to continue to grow in His Word and want to apply them and teach others in life.   The chance of learning newer details about religion would give me the ability to think deductively and inductively when handling situations in life. Additionally, the course will enable me to construct meaningful arguments when writing term papers in class. I hope to acquire enough knowledge that would enable me to challenge ideas and perceptions regarding different religions. This way, I would be best placed to be non-judgmental and flexible. The course will aid me to develop a sense of respect and understand the existence of other religions. SIGNIFICANCE OF THEOLOGY   4  


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