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The important of the scottsboro cases was that it showed injustice and unfairness and because of this it  lead to new rules, jury and lawyers and america changed.  The nine boys were charlie Weems, Ozie Powell, Clarence Norris, Olen Montgomery, Willie Roberson, Haywood Patterson, Eugene Williams, and Andrew and Leroy Wright from ages 13-21, this boys were falsely accused of raping two white women on a train, although the police had no evidence of showing that this was true the boys were still arrested and taken to trial, in an unfair way. This boys who were falsely accused of this would be spending about 10 years in prison until they could be finail sit free  and they will have to go through many unfair trials to get their freedom. In a book called American Justice by  Joseph M. Bessette stated that “The scottsboro cases demonstrated the great biases and inequalities in american law, especially for african americans the south. Nine defendants suffered greatly because of biased juries inadequate lawyers and disregard for the basic constitutional rights of black americans.; still the united states supreme court made two key decisions in the case which helped affirm these basic rights in the future.” (bessette). Although it lasted a year or so  for one of the women who accused the nine boys of raping finally confessed that they both  lied. Some of the unfairness that had happened during the trial is that most feared of losing their job if they told the truth for example,  during one of the trials the judge james horton was talking privately to a doctor who new that the girls were lying and it states “Horton urged Lynch to testify, but Lynch, only a few years out of medical school and just building a practice in Scottsboro, resisted, saying that to do so would ruin his career” (Linder). Even though some people did fear for their jobs they still did the fair thing in that  same article it states “judge Horton, who had to face re-election the next year, had been warned that setting aside the jury’s verdict in this case would be political suicide. Horton, however, believed one should “let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.” To a stunned courtroom, he announced that he was setting aside the verdict and death sentence, and ordering a new trial” (Linder). The case of the scottsboro boys was the first in ruling a new constitutional and against racial discrimination and the selection of juries. In The Supreme Court: a Ready Reference Encyclopedia it stated that there was “No other event so clearly demonstrated the extent of racial injustice in the south the case remains an enduring symbol of southern justice that even passage of time has failed to erase completely” (The Supreme Court: a Ready Reference Encyclopedia). The scottsboro cases is similar  to, to kill the mockingbird beaucase of its historical social and geographical context. The book might have been published in the 1960’s went african american were no longer slaves but the book takes place in the 1930’s in Maycomb alabama during the great depression the same as the scottsboro case were it also took place in the 1930’s in alabama during the the great depression. This are similar by the time period place and what was happening in the south. But in the book and in the trail african american were still suffering economically and socially.