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The article “Give Thanks for the Winter Solstice.  You Might Not Be Here Without It,” by Shannon Hall, is about the tilt of Earth’s axis and how it compares to others.  Earth’s axis is at such a tilt that each hemisphere could either be pointed towards or away from the Sun.  In winter, when the hemisphere is away from the Sun, it will receive short, cold days, a chance to cool off from the hot, long summer, when the hemisphere is pointed towards the Sun.  Many people find this very inconvenient, saying that it’s too hot in one season and to cold in the other, but the tilt of Earth’s axis is a major reason why there’s life on Earth at all.  For example, Venus’s axis is 177 degrees.  If we lived on venus, there would be no seasons and we’d be roasted alive, because the planet would never have time to cool off.  Uranus’s axis tilts at 98 degrees, so half of the planet is always in blazing summer, and half is in freezing winter.  Humanity would never be able to survive.  But Pluto’s axis tilt is constantly changing.  There is a natural rule that to survive an organism needs to be in an environment that stays constant, so an organism living on a planet that randomly switches from being warm enough for water to flow and being way below freezing would die.  So our relatively small tilt is the reason we are all still alive. I chose this article because I am very interested in how this planet works.  How did life form in the first place?  There are still so many mysteries about us that we have yet to solve.  This article relates to science because it’s about how organisms may survive on different planets.  People can benefit from this information because they can learn to appreciate the fact that we have seasons, because if they were different, then we would die.  I hope that someday, when people are living on different planets, they will think back and reminisce about how perfect the seasons were on Earth.


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