The World Of Hair

In The World of Hair
Throughout time, the world of hair, and now the well-known field of cosmetology have raisin and fell. I can remember the time when black women were wearing Afros and Caucasian women short cuts and now things have evolving into all these long flowing hairstyles and not to mention the current health these days on our hair. Seems like the days on juices and berries were hairs happiest time. Now going thur how we manage our hair is tricky but here are some great ways of staying on top of every strand.

Knowing that mornings or the worst time for all of us here is the rule to keeping a well-groomed and healthy crop on hair. If you have short hair of any type than this is the beast stagy for it, a good shower wash before you start that steamy shower. And wash twice to insure that there will be no oil build up because old can slow a hairstyle down or even stop a style right in its tracks. Next you would want to apply and good protein based conditioner such as, cholesterol and allow it to remain on the hair form root to tip of the duration of your shower and when you rinse than your hair rinses this method saves time and work. Now that your hair is all-clean and you need and quick method of drying it; and before we get the drying part lets stop and think bout how we want to where our hair, now seeing as we have a short bobbed length with about 8 inches of hair to work with we need to apply a styling aid and that would be in the form of a lotion or cream. I prefer the lotion myself, so apply the setting lotion to the hair this will act as a fixative that will lock the style in place. Next we are ready to blow with a handheld blow dryer; this process will take twenty to twenty-five min. After blowing the hair dry we are ready to style the hair.

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Now that we have decided that we want some bounce and curl in our hair for the day here is how we will get the results needed for a day at the office and an evening on the town. You will need a medium to large curling iron (a heat motivated instrument) and a light styling spray.

Now in the pattern that you decide on you will began to take in on inch parting of hair and spray with the spray and curl each until the full head of hair is completed. Next you will come the hair into the shaping you desire.

This is just on way to conquer the mornings and is how you can look great and have a full head of healthy hair. There are many products out there and alot of them are very beneficial to your hair. But the best way to keep your hair healthy is to keep it clean and conditioned.


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