The an all-time high. The policing during this


Political Era of policing was
started in 1829. The first police agency that was started opened in London, called London Metropolitan. When first
opening the London Metropolitan, police were
supposed to make the people feel safe and
secure. During that Era, the rise of
crime was at an all-time high. The policing during this time was to protect the community and make sure that the
Political candidates were safe. They
mainly conducted a patrol of the streets by walking
and riding a bicycle. And this era the police strength was establishing and
building a healthy relationship with the community. And their weaknesses were that some police officers were becoming
corrupted by organized crime.Causing a
heavy widespread of crime during the Prohibition Era. However, in the Reform Era,
1930 – 1980. There was a control model
was made to increase the police power, during the Prohibition Era. By protecting society from criminals by making
sure things where processes smoothly to keep criminals out of the communities.
By being strict and punishing them for the crimes
they have committed. What was once
their strength becomes their weakness. They
had started in the Political Era being friendly to the community.  Somehow the police started to pull back
becoming non-approachable and non-intimate.
Their strength was technology by February 16, 1968,
was the first day that we would dial 911. That was a big step from 1840’s
police had telephones, telegraph, police call box, and the Bertillon system
used to identify criminals by fingerprints
and handwriting.  By the time 1970 come there
were computerized, computer aids dispatch (CAD),
Implemented National Crime Information Center
(NCIC), and Automated Fingers Prints
Identification System (AFIS).

The issues we are
facing in today society has always been in existence in America. It didn’t just start over the last 20 – 25 years ago
with the Rodney King beating. Or the death of Micheal Brown and Sandra Bland.
This is happing not just to African American people to everyone.  One of the issues I will be discussing is
criminal prosecution of police officers. I am not talking about racism I am
talking citizens’ rights. It seems like police officers can do no wrong like
the law protects their own. (Cappitelli, 2016) mention
“There appears to be a growing desire to induce criminal prosecution for
officers whose actions result in injury or death. It is difficult to do if there has always been a need for such
prosecutions, but perhaps just not the political will. Regardless, this
scrutiny is the new normal.” Cappitelli, could not have said it any better. However, there is a fine
line between proving your authority and killing
someone. This is not the new norm to do this to people. This is wrong on so
many levels.  If more police officers
were arrested for their crimes it does matter what the crime was. More police
officers would fall in line and be more mindful of what their actions are supposed
to be.  There actually would be more
justice for these victims as well for the community. The community would start
to have a little more faith and trust in the Law enforcement to know that the
justices system is on our side too. If there wasn’t so much of prosecution with
Police officers. People would not be taken justice into their own hands.  The second issues in Law Enforcement right now
is they should have more training.  Both
of my issues go hand in hand due to the recent events in America far as police
shootings and riots due to a police
shooting. (Lantigua-Williams,
2016)  “At
a lot of situations in which there’s a shooting, it’s time-pressure, there’s a lot
going know how to train people to slow things down so that incidents don’t
happen. Now that was not this. It’s hard to see how something like de-escalation
training, which is making a big difference, it’s hard to see how it would have
made a difference.” I agree with Williams on this topic obviously it seems
as if all the training this police officer get it not enough and there not
apply the training to the real world. If you have the mindset like  (Mike, 2015 ) “Avoiding unnecessary confrontations is one thing, but don’t get so caught
up in avoiding all use of force that you hesitate to use it when necessary.
When an attacker puts your safety or the safety of a fellow officer or citizen
in jeopardy, you cannot hesitate. If you delay your response too long — or
respond with an insufficient level of force because you’re afraid of “excessive
force” accusations — then you may endanger innocent lives. If a threat puts you
in danger, you must respond swiftly, decisively and aggressively. Stop the
threat, win the fight, and worry about the aftermath later.” The times have changed maybe I am just naive about the world. Most of the case I have
read about the person was already on the ground or being a law-abiding citizen. I do know one bad apple
spoils the bunches. And this goes for police officers too.  Times have changed from
police being nice and friendly to being enemy of the community and the state. When
it comes to law Enforcement and social
order. I ask myself how can law enforcement maintain social order?  If there is no social
order there is no balance in our justice system. So how can we fix this issues
it goes back to what I been saying all alone we need to have more trust. And
our justice system but how can we. Things have changed
from the Political Era, when things were
smooth then turn corrupted.  And all of the law enforcement institutions
exist to make sure that everything is
running smoothly and society. 

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