The is decreasing the ecosystem and are joy.

  The World Happiness Report, edited by J. Helliwell, R. Layard, and J. Sachs begins with a “Introduction” by J Sachs, He states that the grow in technology is decreasing the ecosystem and are joy. material gain won’t fulfill our needs in life. Our social trust and our confidence in the government are down are anxiety and depression are up. We also can control the cycles of the world and we chose to destroy them. A stable climate is what we need to feel secure and happy. So fixing the world we help fix our happiness.    In paragraph two called ” The Search For Happiness” It says that well Off families have a safer life and better help than those not so well off. The poor dose benefit with smaller gains then the rich do but the rich make it worse for the poor by upping prices. Things like Obesity, drugs, addiction, and gambling are reasons why aren’t happy and it also leads to low social trust and raise in anxiety. It states that We spend time and money on things we don’t enjoy and we also kill off the environment we are living in by doing things like littering. One of the ways that would make society more happy is if we all benefited at the same time sense now are gain is not evenly shared. Money is not what makes happiness. We also have wants in the world like products we don’t need to survive and makes us less grateful for what we have. People think that becoming richer will make you happy but it won’t if you don’t respect what you have now.    In the third paragraph called “Rethinking the Keys to Happiness” states that  knowing what you want and how to get it reasonably will help us as people. It also says Being Rational and thinking with your mind not heart will make us better. Another way we feel happy is by fitting in with the people around us. We need to focus on education and equality to give us more opportunities and more of a open mind to things. We all have to rethink our economy and see how we can help are country.


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