The more than 60%, stating how disturbances

The paper can be considered a reliable
source of information because the methods involved in this experiment were
deliberate. Every factor that could possibly alter or affect the results were
accounted and measured for. An example would be the physical factors of
nitrogen composition and wave exposure, which were tested to see their effects.

The data showed that eutrophication and wave exposure were not effect
experienced in this marsh, the authors results that revolved around the top
down controls affecting die off were reinforced. This study is applicable to
ecology since it is the first published experiment to provide evidence that
trophic cascade control is responsible for die-off. Based on the results, they
disproved the thought that physical factors determined the die-off present in
the marshes. The paper is overall written in a concise manner because there are
points stated and explained thoroughly without leaving the reader confused. The
figures and photos provided in the paper also allow the reader to attain an
understanding on the concept, which expand the effectiveness of the paper. The
results are what make this paper strong since the results prove that the
hypothesis is accurate by stating how herbivory increased by more than 100%,
the biomass of the grass declined by more than 60%, stating how disturbances
from herbivory on the marsh increased by more than 95%, and how the unvegetated
space went up by more than 150%. Overall, the results provided in this paper
show that marsh die off has an important relationship with the rejection of top

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