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“The Message” is a film that follows the life of prophet Muhammad from the time he was first visited by the angel Gabriel. The film begins with Muhammad obtaining the Koran from Gabriel, demonstrating the birth of Islam. It also depicts the social and political influences that led to the ideologies integrated in the religion. It is very clear that the grand narrative of the film is how prophet Muhammad created a more socially just and fair society for his people during a time where sexism, racism and classism were prominent by creating commandments that helped in the elimination of female feticide and slavery while propagating equality for slaves who were mistreated only because of their color and class. Furthermore, he proposed ideas of economic equality so the elite class like the merchants and Arab nobles would not be able to exploit the underprivileged slave class. Therefore, it can be argued that prophet Muhammad was persistent in creating a fair society and starting a rebellion against forces of injustice, inequality and intolerance. Through this persistence, he placed ideas of equality and created a religion that supports freedom and peace.This film demonstrates the creation of Islam by following the adult life of prophet Muhammad and portrays many historical events like the battles and the interactions at the Kaaba, where everyone celebrated their religion by praying to idols, which also influenced the idea of God being everywhere and impossible to contain in a sculpture or picture.”The Prophet” endorses the idea that girls and women should have equal rights, socially and economically. The patriarchal society is a hindrance to the lives of females as it normalizes their conditions of subjugation with the apprehension that there is no route to escape. This concept is reinforced through the following quotation: “I was to be buried like my 2 sisters but my father couldn’t do it”. This quotation delineates how the imbalanced power dynamics led to several gender concerns within the society. Moreover, this idea is pertinent as it demonstrates the effects of patriarchy; female feticide was the norm since women had no rights to property and were thought to be a burden rather a blessing. However, prophet Muhammad wanted to eradicate these sexist ideologies and propagate equality for all genders. This concept is reinforced through this quotation, “Girls should not be forced into marriage, but be able to choose or refuse. But only tonight, he said to stop the burial of newborn girls”. This quotation exemplifies ideas of fairness and equality. Prophet Muhammad also mentions how women should have the choice of marriage since, in many instances, young girls were forced into marriage. Furthermore, the burial of female infants was very prevailing as girls or women were considered to be objects that existed only to carry their father’s legacy.         In this film, one can also witness that prophet detests the mistreatment of people because of social constructs such as class and money. He encourages ideas of economic equality where the rich should not exploit the poor. This idea is exemplified through this quotation, “Dangerous ideas that no man should starve that the rich should not offload the poor, the strong should not oppress the weak”. This quotation demonstrates that prophet Muhammad encourages ideas of economic equality. It is very clear in the film that class was extremely prominent in society. Arab nobles had such unfettered power that they abused slaves and sometimes even killed them for the slightest disobedience. This idea illustrates the massive economic disparity between the rich and the poor. Prophet Muhammad wanted to create a society where people collaborated to create brotherhood as Islam is about unity and peace.  The religion encourages ideas of equality and liberation. Moreover, words such as “oppress” imply repression, abuse and subjugation of the poor.Based on the film,prophet Muhammad inculcates ideas of equality and justice through a religion. Due to these ideas, people from minority groups such as slaves and women supported Islam and worshipped the ideologies of freedom, unity and justice. This is extremely pertinent since Islam has always been a peaceful religion that does not propagate violence and gender inequality, contrary to what several people think today. This film effectively shows the birth of Islam by illustrating the ideologies and societies that were influenced by the commandments in the Koran. In conclusion, “The Message” is a film that depicts the start of a new religion and the conversion of idolatry societies to adapt and accept Islam.


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