The Perry Gellis does pay their employees

purpose of this memo is to discuss the message strategy for Perry Gellis’ new
eco-friendly men’s clothing line. During our meeting with Perry Gellis, they voiced
wanting to use a female empowerment message strategy based on their wages for the
women in Rwanda that make their clothing. The brand pays 300% times more than the
country’s average wage to their employees in Rwanda. After meeting with Perry
Gellis regarding this message strategy, I find it to be misleading for
potential consumers and suggest a message strategy based on their eco-friendly
clothing. For the following reasons, I find the female empowerment message



to poor working conditions at Perry Gellis’ workplace in Rwanda, many women
quit shortly after starting.

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want to form relationships with companies whose employees are satisfied with
their job (Bator, 2014, Making the Connection Between Customer and Employee
Satisfaction section, para. 2).



Perry Gellis does pay their employees more and strives to empower them, poor working
conditions in Rwanda are typical of the area.


who know this may find Gellis’ efforts misleading and avoid purchasing from the
brand (Bonetto, 2015, Confusion Over Ethical Terms and Icons May Lead to Rejection
section, para. 2).



Perry Gellis pays their female workers in Rwanda 300% times the country’s
average wage, it is not enough money to support their lifestyles.


are less likely to purchase from companies with misleading or confusing claims
(Ashe-Edmunds, n.d., Confusion section, para. 1).



considering these facts, my suggestion for Perry Gellis’ message strategy is to
emphasize that their new men’s clothing line is eco-friendly. Consumers report
they have not seen many options in eco-friendly clothing but are interested in
purchasing it for comfort and attractiveness (“Marketing to the Green Consumer”,
2012, Room for Growth in Green Apparel and Shoes section, para. 1).


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