The for the customer. This can be said

The similarities and differences between these two businesses is
that Tesco express and spouts direct sell products that are suited for the
customer. This can be said because both businesses sell sport clothing and
object related to sport. Also the similarities between the two businesses is
that both have well-mannered and polite staff. This is important in a business
because it show respect to the customer and created customer loyalty.

But the similarities are that sports direct is a leading sports
and lifestyle retailer that is international. This means that they can deliver
sustainable growth for their shareholders in a short or long term by offering
their customers an unrivalled range of high quality leading brands. And Tesco
is one of the largest retailers in the world. They offer a range of items
including groceries, wines, home electronics, and DVD rentals.

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The polictal factor that affects Tesco is
mostly in taxation. This is because it has the most major impact on the profit
that is made within Tesco. The taxation takes a large amount of money from


Economic factors are of concern to Tesco,
because they are likely to influence demand, costs, prices and profits. One of
the most influential factors on the economy is high unemployment levels, which
decreases the effective demand for many goods, adversely affecting the demand
required to produce such goods.

The type of goods and services demanded
by consumers is a function of their social conditioning and their consequent
attitudes and beliefs. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of health
issues, and their attitudes towards food are constantly changing.


The social factor that affects Tesco the
most is the demographic issues as it can provide a very good profit for them.
The rising population will mean that their more customers purchasing items from
them and therefore they will be making a higher rate of profit.

Demographic issues

There is an increase in demand for goods
and services that are offered when the population of a country starts to grow,
there is also an increase in people that are available to work. This can be
seen in the UK where at one point they were growing at a fast rate, this was
the result of changes in the economy which was persuaded the government to make
immiagartio0n of labor easier.



Technology is a major variable which has
influenced the development of many of the Tesco products. The new technologies
benefit both customers and the company: customer satisfaction rises because
goods are readily available, services can become more personalized and shopping
more convenient.


The legal factor that effect Tesco the
most is completion law, this is because they are one of the leading markets and
therefore have to take care with their competing as there are certain laws in
place. They will need to make sure that they do not go to lengths of effort
that will be breaking the laws and therefore this has one of the biggest impact
on their operation. 


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