The care. There is a belief that

development of healthcare services is an important issue that depends on
patient’s perception of the quality of the received care 1. Assessing the
quality of services provided by nurses is crucial and, therefore, nurses are
challenged to maintain and improve their quality of care 2.

exploratory, descriptive study design conducted with a semi-structured
face-to-face interview. The results of the study showed that patients were
overall satisfied with nursing care and they were mostly satisfied with the
technical aspect of care provided during hospitalization 3. Patients’
satisfaction with nursing services is particularly important since the nursing
staff consist the majority of health professionals and is constantly by the
patients’ side in order to satisfy their needs, constituting this way an
unquestionably overbearing component in maintaining and restoring their health.
The literature shows that researchers agree on the significance of nursing
interventions in shaping the patients’ total satisfaction with the nursing
services. 4

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descriptive cross sectional study survey was conducted. The result shows that
the quality of nursing care is the central theme to hospital administrators for
attracting patients to their institutions. Patients’ satisfaction with nursing
care is well recognized as an indicator for the

of care. There is a belief that nurse is the core element to patients’
experience of hospitalization and perception of quality of nursing care. 5.

cross-sectional study was conducted at District Headquarter Hospital .The
result show that Overall, patients had a variable experience of nursing care;
45% were satisfied with care provided while 55% were dissatisfied Among 6
dimensions of care, patients 94%) liked nursing practice of keeping privacy of
patients. Patients were also highly satisfied (90%) regarding their regularity
in routine vital signs checking, while 6% were partially dissatisfied. When
patients were asked about behavior, 90% were not feeling comfortable talking to
nurses. Only 10 % felts nurses were excellent. 40% patients appreciated nursing
skill while 84% patients had negative experiences as they observed nurses were
not attentive to their needs 6.

descriptive Cross-sectional study was carried out at Pakistan Railways
Hospital, affiliated to Islamic International Medical College Rawalpindi from
March 2006 to March 2010. Most respondents described their experience as good
and satisfactory with every aspect of their care at

Nurses’ availability was 95.4% and 96.8% were satisfied with the attitude of
nursing staff 7.

Cross-sectional study was conducted; involved 275 patients hospitalized at the
Medical Clinic, Orthopedic Clinic, Plastic Surgery and Tropical Clinic of a
teaching hospital in the Central-West of Brazil. The result showed that the
quality of nursing care and the patient’s satisfaction with that care were
investigated. The findings revealed that none of the nursing care reached the
desirable level and that only two were considered safe hygiene and physical
comfort and nutrition 8. A study highlights
that hospitalized patients demand a more comprehensive intervention level from
health professionals, involving mental as well as social aspects, with a view
to minimizing unnecessary mental health risks, such as stress 9.

facility based cross-sectional study was conducted from January (1-30, 2015).
The result shows that overall level of satisfaction was 44.9%. Sex and
occupation, were the only predictors of patient level of satisfaction with
nursing care. Among satisfaction items, the amount, nurses know your care
(78%), the nurse’s helpfulness (55%), and nurses’ treatment of patients as an
individual (54%) were the three top scores respectively. whereas nurses
response to patients request (42.6%), the amount and type of information nurses
gave to patients about their condition and treatment (43.2%), and the way nurses
explain things to patients (43.4%) had the least scores10.

cross-Sectional Survey was conducted at Hawassa specialized and teaching
hospital in Ethiopia from April (2014).the result of the study showed that A
significant proportion (42.9%) of the respondents agreed that the nurses
maintain and respect their needs. Similarly 44.6% of the respondents responded
that nurses provided them clean and quite environment. About half of the
subjects said that the doctors and the nurses work in collaboration for giving
services and a little less than half said that nurses perform their services
without waiting for doctors. On the other hand 43.8% of the participants said
that nurses were careless on their duty.
Overall level of patient satisfaction (percentage mean score)
with nursing care was 47% with a maximum score of 90% and a minimum of 19%.
Percentage mean satisfaction score was calculated based on percentage of
maximum scale score 11.

descriptive study conducted in two tertiary hospitals in Southwest
Nigeria(2017) .According to this study The overall perception of emergency
nursing care reveals that 67% of the patients’ perceive the quality of
emergency nursing care in the selected hospitals as unsatisfactory (negative
perception). However, the 18.5% of the patients exhibited positive or
satisfactory perception 12.

Cross-Sectional Survey was conducted at Mansoura University Hospitals medical
and surgical

in Egypt from (November, 2013 to January 2014). The findings of the study indicated
that female patients were more satisfied with nursing care than males. The
surgical wards patients were satisfied with the nursing care they received.
Patient consideration appeared to be an area requires further improvement in
order to enhance patients’ satisfaction particularly in the medical wards
setting of this hospital. Main finding of our study is the negative correlation
between nurses’ caring behaviors (performance) and patients’ satisfaction 13.


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