The hour movie. The novel has the freedom

comparisons that we made are based on the novel written by Jane Austen and the
2005 movie adaptation directed by Joe Wright starring Kiera Knightley. Before
getting into the comparisons, it is important to note that movies always move a
bit quicker than the books as the director needs to compress about 400 pages of
words into a two hour movie. The novel has the freedom to give more details
about the actions, movements of the characters and most importantly the
thoughts of them. Writers can make give lengthy explanations to their
satisfaction without having a limit on it. Movie writers or directors do not
have the same freedom to release all these details. On the other hand, movies
tend to use dramatic scenes in order to make the movie more interesting as
viewers would prefer to see something that is more observable as compared to
the novel. With this in mind, here are some comparisons of the novel and the

is the relationship between Mr and Mrs Bennet. In the novel, it was revealed
that Mr Bennet married Mrs Bennet because he was attracted to her beauty. This can
be seen in chapter 19:

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“Mr. Bennet captivated by youth and beauty, and
that appearance of good humour, which youth and beauty generally give, had
married a woman, whose weak understanding, and illiberal mind, had, very early
in the marriage, put an end to any real affection for her. Respect, esteem, and
confidence, had vanished for ever; and all of his views of domestic happiness
were overthrown.”

showed how Mr Bennet at the time didn’t think about any other aspects of
marrying Mrs Bennet and so did not have affection for her early in the marriage
after discovering her true self. Throughout the novel, Mr and Mrs Bennet were
always irritated with each other. They were always hostile with each other. Mr
Bennet found her wife’s silly antics funny and likes to make fun of her for it.
In the movie, the story of how Mr and Mrs Bennet got married was not mentioned
or shown. Thus, the viewers were not aware of the background of their marriage.
The movie portrays them as more of a typical “old-married couple” who
banter with each other instead of a couple who got married without much
thoughts and regrets it. 


we’ll be comparing the portrayal of Elizabeth’s relationship with Mr Darcy and
how they fell in love. In the novel, we are given insights on Elizabeth’s
thoughts. However in the movie, her feelings are needed to be shown to the
viewers. For example, in the movie, Elizabeth in the first ball had an eye
contact with Mr. Darcy and this made the viewers predict that something would
happen between them. Thus it is understood that Elizabeth is affected by Mr.
Darcy and makes that affection apparent to the audience with her face
expression in the movie. But in the novel this kind of thing never happened
between them. In the novel, we were brought to Elizabeth’s feelings directly
through her thoughts. This is especially clear when she reads the written
letter from Darcy and realizes that she let her prejudice cloud her judgement
of him. This affected how the readers and viewers perceive the depth of their
love. The pace of their relationship in the novel is slower and thorough which
makes it easier for the readers to digest her feelings as she slowly realizes
her feelings for Mr Darcy. The pace of their relationship in the movie is a bit
faster and the movie used dramatic scenes to attract the attention of the
viewers. Some viewers might perceive their relationship as something
superficial and rushed. Therefore, the difference in the portrayal of Elizabeth
and Mr Darcy’s relationship affects the perception of the readers and viewers
as readers might view their relationship as something genuine but viewers might
view it in a more dramatic way.

The stark
societal difference between the Bennet family and Mr Darcy is also something
that is different in the movie compared to the novel. In the novel, it was
known that the Bennet family owns an estate in Longbourn. They were a
middle-class family and they were not poor. In the movie however, the clothing,
furnishing, and mannerisms of the Bennet clan borders upon the peasant class.
In one portrayal of the scene, the floors were old wooden floor and the dresses
that the sisters wore also looked worn out. There was even a scene where a pig
ran inside the house which would have never happened in a middle-class family.
It was also mentioned in the novel that they had servants however the family
was seen to be doing everything by themselves in the movie. This stark
difference between the Bennet family and Darcy in the movie emphasised the view
on marriage for fortune. This is because the viewers perceive the financial
state of the Bennet family to be very poor and thus their want of marrying
richer people were seen as more desperate. In the novel they do not come off as
desperate as the readers have the idea that the Bennet family owns an estate
and gains stable income from it. Hence, the way the Bennet family were
portrayed in the movie made the perception of marrying for fortune more


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