The substance use, frequency, amount, and how long

             The ultimate aim is should be in Jack’s case is
abstinence from substance abuse. Good prenatal care to her helps to withdraw
from these bad habits. Identify the obstacle and remove it. Common obstacles
are lack of support, financial problems, lack of cope, and poor parenting. In
order to attract them, the treatment plan should include involvement of
multidisciplinary team, offer child care, counseling, spend enough time with
them, make a good relationship, and provide information on feasible health resources. Studies show that in pregnant stage women’s are willing
to change their behavior than their normal stage. First up all identify the
reason for substance abuse and develops behavioral and psychosocial management.
“According to Hepburn and Elliott staff attitude toward such clients is very
important to solve this problem than any other medical care” (Economidoy, E., Klimi,
A., & Vivilaki, V. G. (2015, May 01). Interventions include some effective therapies for substance
use, primarily behavioral counseling. It is very important to identify
what/which type of substance use, frequency, amount, and how long using these
will help HCP to develop an effective treatment plan for the patient. If the
patient is uncooperative try to get information from other helpful sources. Some
physician ordered urine toxicology assays in antenatal period to detect any
maternal substance use. “The CAGE (cut down, annoyed by criticism, guilty about
drinking, eye opener drinks) and TACE (Tolerance, annoyed by criticism, cut
down, eye-opener drinks), questionnaires, MAST (Michigan Alcoholism Screening
Test), DAST (Drug Abuse Screening Test), and ASI (Addiction Severity Index) are
relatively effective methods for detecting substance abuse”(Forray, A. 2016). On
assessment Jack’s show increased anxiety, mood switching, and talking about suicide
these are the other side effects of substance use. Especially on pregnancy, these
habits will affect the newborn baby. Contingency management (CM) – HCP can
influence patient behavior through “positive reinforcement techniques, like
monetary vouchers, modify behavior in a positive and supportive manner” (Forray,
A. 2016). Motivational Interviewing (MI) – A patient-centered, collaborative
and highly empathic counseling style. It helps to resolve ambivalence behavior
in order to improve treatment readiness and retention.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – “it’s a psychotherapeutic treatment
that helps Jack to understand the situations that lead her to undesirable
thoughts, feelings, or behaviour and help her to avoid that situation or help her
to deal it. The aim of this treatment is to change old pattern of responding
and replaces them with new ones”. (Forray, A. 2016).

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