The sequence of spaces that attempt to maintain

The most romantic can enjoy the horse ride, the
chariot that pulls the lively ones with the characteristic sound from the
petals that hit the asphalt and wakes up all children’s pleasant memories of
such walks. The younger visitors of Thessaloniki, as well as visitors, prefer a
third choice which is the best for them to enjoy the New Beach. Boats that
operate as floating bars, cafes, restaurants throughout the day and night.

Right next to the White Tower “captains” hang you and they are
waiting for you with the sounds of music to take you on a walk to Thermaikos and
see this city through the sea. The story of the coastal front of Thessaloniki
begins literally ever since the city walls have been demolished. At the time of
the Europeanization that created the first coastal Avenue, today’s Avenue of
Victory. It was up to the White Tower and then you could see only taverns,
cafes and shops in the row next to the pebbles. This image prevailed until 1955
when the decision of Constantine Karamanlis announced the creation of New
Beach. The statue of which was set before the umbrellas of Thessaloniki on the
left and looked at the Thermaic

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The green spaces: at the inner side of the
coast, 13 green spaces were formed, as a succession of «green rooms – gardens»,
each with a special thematic characteristic. The choice of this term, rooms –
gardens, describes the intentions: it is about a sequence of spaces that
attempt to maintain the familiar atmosphere of the private, while forming the
public space. It’s not about big «parks», but «rooms» of small size that remind
of the domestic gardens that existed in the area and used to reach the natural
seashore, before the landfill of the coast. 


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