The search of a new life, people that

The Republic of Serbia,
while being a nation that has endured several internal and external conflicts,
is aware of the threat prostitution poses to humanity in the twenty-first
century. Even though sex work has been around since the beginning of human
society, nowadays it is worsening problems that are already complicated to
solve; problems such as labor exploitation, human trafficking and the women
abuse in this line of work. Girls as young as 13 years old that suffer from an
abusive childhood, refugees in the search of a new life, people that lack basic
resources, and children taken from their homes for exploitation, are just a fraction
of the ones used for the lucrative purposes of those known as “pimps”.

As a signatory and
ratifier of the Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of
the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others and the Protocol to Prevent,
Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, supplementing
the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, the
Republic of Serbia has established in its legal code several articles with the
purpose of diminishing the amount of prostitution and human trafficking in the Serbian
soil. It is stated in article 184 that anyone who causes another to prostitute
itself, takes part in facilitating a prostitute to another, or promotes
prostitution shall be punished. Human trafficking will not be tolerated in the Serbian
territory, and by including article 388 in the legal code, anyone who is
involved in human trafficking regardless of its purpose will be penalized.

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It is with upmost
conviction that the Republic of Serbia believes that the only way in which the
international community can solve this ancient, but ever-lasting problem, is by
taking care of it from its foundations. Our nation proposes a resolution in
which the states can work together to put a stop to the causes of prostitution.
Looking at the results of studies, what causes most girls to enter the business
of prostitution is parental abuse in their childhood. Therefore, this nation
recommends the creation of national institutes, whose purpose is to be an
anchor for those abused mothers and children so they can start a new life
without their abusers. We also recommend that these institutes should be
financed mainly by both the local governments and by the UN channeled funds
from the UNESCO and the World Bank. Additionally, any other non-governmental
organization or state that wishes to support this initiative can make donations
that will channeled through the UN to support these institutes.

In a similar manner, we
propose that the countries with high inflow of immigrants support them by
building shelters where these refugees can live while they find a stable job so
that they do not have to prostitute themselves to have their daily bread.  Even countries with low inflow of immigrants,
but with the right amount of financial resources, can help these people in need
by allowing them to get safely into their territory. The ACNUR can supervise
and, with the help of the World Bank and other financial donors, finance the
transportations of these refugees to other countries so that the ones with
higher inflow do not saturate.




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