The by renewable resources.Its been investing a

The consolidated sales of L’Oréal in 2016 was 25.84 Billion
(In euros) which is up from 21.64 Billion (in Euros) in 2012.The percentage
increase is about 16.25% in last 5 years .

i.e. based on a comparable structure and identical exchange rates, the sales
growth of the L’Oréal Group was +4.7%.

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(Digital Sales)

The ecommerce business represents 6.5% of the sales of
the group. The growth is driven by partnerships with local, regional and global
players such as Alibaba, Amazon,, and, and by
L’Oréal brands’ e-commerce websites.

The online sales accounted for 1.7 billion (in Euros).
Talking about impact of the internet, there were more than 1 billion visits in 2016
on the groups site with nearly 300 million subscribers on social media.

i.e. based on a comparable structure and identical exchange rates, the sales
growth of the L’Oréal Group was +32.7%.

For employees to enhance their skills “Digital Upskilling Plan”, a massive
training programme was introduced to build digital expertise at grassroots
level and integrate it into all functions on an everyday basis. More than 14000
employees have benefitted from it & still continuing.

As far as operational division sales goes, nearly 48%
of sales is through consumers product followed by L’Oréal luxe (30. 8%).The
main market for L’Oréal is Western Europe (32%) 
& new market which include New markets (39%)comprising of Asia,
Pacific (22% of that).

In 2013, L’Oréal announced its ambition project “Sharing Beauty with All” combining
economic growth with ambitious sustainable development commitments. As of
2016,82% of the new or revamped products have improved environmental or social
profile and there has been 67% decrease in emission of CO2 from and
distribution centre since 2005 with 30% increase in production in last 5 years.
In fact, CDP has recognized its achievement internationally by awarding A in all fields of environmental
protection: combating climate change, managing water in a sustainable way
and protecting forests. L’Oréal Group aims to achieve 100% improved profile of
its product environmentally for that its making effort in improving water
footprint of the formulas using raw material that are renewable and optimizing
packaging as well.In US,it plans to build 2 solar power plants which means 100%
of its production by renewable resources.Its been investing a lot of R
with 850 Million Euros (3.3 % sales invested in R) 473
patents.In May 2016, it invested in Founders
factory, London based accelerator and incubator to connect & develop
beauty start-ups to further its growth in digital innovation & cutting edge
technology. In partnership both will target to create 2 start up each year.With
My UV Patch,introduced in 2016 ,it
gives advise to its customer on when the protection of skin from sun.This is done
by smartphones application.A great way to enhance with customer experience.
HR Labs at L’Oréal group are experimenting with a new way of working: using
collective intelligence to test new working methods and underpin L’Oréal’s move
towards a more collaborative and even more agile management model