The efficiency, especially when you’re pressured by deadlines.

The success of your business depends on the
productivity of your employees. You want motivated people in your team. You
need them to maintain high levels of efficiency, especially when you’re
pressured by deadlines.

That’s an interesting situation. People usually
perceive deadlines as too pressuring. Instead of getting more productive, some
of them will even procrastinate.

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So how do you inspire your employees to be more
productive when your projects are pressured by deadlines? We’ll focus on that

Let the
Employees Participate

If you make the schedule of your workers too
rigid and organized, their job will turn into technicalities. You don’t want
that to happen. You want them to make decisions based on their qualifications,
as well as on their professional instincts. Let them follow their intuition.

Ask what they
think about a specific project.

Tell them to be
creative, but don’t let them forget that they should always inform you about
the decisions and the progress of the work.

As a leader, you
should set general guidelines and milestone, and leave some flexibility for the
employees to handle the minor issues. 

Keep Them

No; we’re not saying you should make the
employees relaxed to a point when they do nothing for the goal. We’re saying
you should keep them relaxed enough
for them to do the work without feeling an overwhelming pressure. Studies
show that 40% of workers consider their jobs
to be stressful; and 26% of workers said they were often too stressed or burned
out by their work.

Burned-out employees are not productive
employees. The deadline is pressuring as it is, but you have to do something to
make its negative impact milder.

Encourage your
workers with motivational words.

Send them emails
to keep them inspired. If you’re not a great motivational writer, hire a
professional author from
to craft the content for you.

Offer assistance
whenever they need it. Just show that you’re trying to make this experience as
stress-free as possible for them. 

Spark the
Team Spirit

When your employees support each other towards
great achievements, they are more motivated. Naturally, better motivation and
better teamwork lead to improved productivity. Become part of this team.
Inspire them to see the deadline as a challenge that’s possible to achieve when
you all work together. If one member of the team is going through difficulties,
the others should help.

This teamwork has to be organized. It’s important
for the leader to divide the tasks in accordance with each member’s skills.

Give them precise
instructions on each task and control the progress. You can use a tool like Trello for that purpose.

Progressive Goals

If you expose a huge task, it’s only natural for
your employees to be overwhelmed by it. They will see it as something they
couldn’t possibly achieve within the given period of time.

There’s a trick that helps you deal with this
situation: set milestones!

Break up the big
goal into smaller achievements, which don’t seem impossible to realize. It will
be simpler for your employees to deal with a series of simpler tasks than to
tackle a huge project without knowing where to start.

With this
approach, your employees will notice the real-time progress they are making
towards the goal. They will feel motivated to carry on, conquering one
milestone after another.

Give Them a

It doesn’t matter how efficient or motivated your
employees are; they will still need some time to recharge. Do not sacrifice
their breaks for the sake of achieving professional goals on time. That would
immediately lead them to a burn out.

Let them have
their breaks. Moreover; tell them to
take the short break even if they want to continue working.                                                                              

Help them get the
most out of these breaks. When they are working on an extremely important
project with a tight deadline, hire a yoga teacher to guide them through short
daily relaxation sessions in the office.

Bring coffee and
energizing juices for everyone.


Stress is an inevitable part of each job. It’s
the leader’s responsibility, however, to minimize the pressure on their
employees. You have a goal to make their jobs more comfortable, especially when
you expect them to be more productive towards important deadlines. The 5
methods we listed above will certainly help you do that.         


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