The Omni-Freeze Supreme T-ShirtThe following paper seeks to

The Omni-Freeze Supreme T-ShirtThe following paper seeks to illustrate a product that I believe our organization should invest capital resources to develop. In this paper, the product would be described, and its characteristics outlined. Subsequently, the essay will highlight the target market and demonstrate their importance. Introduction       To begin, the human body has an effective cooling system. As perspiration evaporates, heat is drawn away from the body. Wicking fabrics facilitate that process by distributing sweat evenly over the fabrics so that drying occurs quickly. Even after devising the menthol chemical coating added to fabrics, companies have never improved upon the body’s cooling process. For this reason, our company has designed sportswear that activates body cooling. Apparently, contrary to what the audience thinks previous wicking fabrics don’t cool the body. For many clients, they end up seeking vague materials that repel off moisture from the skin and allows it to evaporate. Characteristics of the Omni-freeze supreme t-shirt        The new cooling shirt has been engineered to serve its purpose. For people who work out and get soaked in their sweat, the answer is finally here. The shirt has been designed using the new technology (O Hara et al., 2015). The shirt works at lower temperatures and outmaneuvers the traditional wicking costumes. It means that the shirts are suitable for different occasions. Clients who engage in an intense workout, or spend their day doing strenuous activities should purchase the new t-shirt to lower their body temperatures. The wicking polyester base of our new Omni-freeze supreme T-shirt has been embedded with thousands of inches of hydrophilic polymer rings. When the base spread sweat, the ring absorbs moisture and expands into three dimensions. In order to swell, the ring needs energy which is collected from the body. Tests conducted on our product reveals that the shirt was 10 degrees cooler against the wearer’s skin. How Our Cooling Shirts Work          Every cooling shirt has its specialized mechanism. It’s ideal for clients to examine how each of the shirts works before deciding to make purchases. The shirts should address the customer’s specific needs. Some of the cooling shirts use the block ice technology. Such types of shirts use ice and tubes embedded in the shirt to circulate cold water to the skin. For people doing construction jobs, such a shirt is suitable. However, for athletes and people who want to keep relevant such ads on are unnecessary and bulk. In contrast, our new shirt works by drastically chilling the body as the wearer moves. The cooling shirt has been designed for exercises as well as working out. The shirts don’t add weight or awkward tubes to the client’s outfit. Instead, the shirt looks like a normal shirt. However, the shirt has added benefits. Our cooling shirts pull perspiration away from the body. The moisture interacts with the material in the shirt and the air to assist in lowering the body temperature. The shirt achieves that by using the Omni-freeze technology. The company has incorporated the Omni-free technology into the fabric. It pulls moisture from the body and disperses it across the shirt. By doing that, the shirt ensures that the wearer doesn’t have sweat under their arms or their back. As the client moves, air flows through the fabrics activating the cooling technology which lowers the body temperature (Lin et al., 2015). Why the product is worthwhile          Typically, over the years, fitness brands are continually developing innovations to design workout clothes. Athletes are pursuing clothes that will make them feel more comfortable and better. Even if technology has been around for many years, companies are creating temperature regulating attires that claim to keep bodies cooler during exercises. Our company believes that the workout clothes market is still new and raw. More people are associating themselves with unique products that will cool their bodies during exercises. For this reason, our company has utilized technology to introduce the fantastic Omni-freeze supreme t-shirt. The shirt anticipates a warm reception from athletes who want to cool their bodies the natural way. A profile of the audience           Audience profile is a description of customers which include demographic, geographic as well as buying patterns. Our company seeks to define clients as per their demographics. Their age, city, and gender would be established. The company will target young and energetic athletes who want to seek fitness. Secondly, our firm will profile clients based on their social, economic orientation (Holm et al., 2015). Income will determine our customer base. Eventually, our shirt is designed for both high end and small-scale consumers. The company will also target organizations and institutions. Local gyms and fitness centers will also be targeted. Also, our marketing team profiles the audience based on benefits sought. The company has classified customers based on the benefits they seek while shopping. Thus, the team will target clients who need cooling t-shirts. How to establish credibility           To build credibility, the company will release authenticity. The firm will go an extra mile to demonstrate authenticity and originality. On the other hand, the organization will be consistent. The messages sent through marketing, promotions as well as the social media would be in line with what the customers get. The marketing team is anticipating the backlash. The company is prepared to face opposition. When a certain level of publicity is gained, resistance will manifest. Even so, the firm will not deviate from its mission and vision. The loyal customers will always come back (Herten et al., 2017). The organization will seek new opportunities to showcase authenticity. Online platforms such as the social media would be used to access customer reviews and feedback. Appropriate channel for delivering the message              In conclusion, our company aims to utilize social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to spread the message. The company intends to employ social media managers to run these sites. The social media managers will give necessary updates and acquire customer feedback. Furthermore, the managers will also deal with different questions from the customers and answer them promptly. Lastly, through the social media, the company will be able to assess the market and generate new leads.


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