The focused mainly on Howard Gardner’s theory of

                The first article is written by Gilpin, J. in which it is
entitled as Teaching Happiness: The Role
of Positive Psychology in the Classroom. Wherein positive psychology was
implemented and focused in the classroom setting. According to this article, positive
psychology was used in this field wherein an individual may be able to enhance
general qualities of an individual’s lives, also in improving human flaws which
was also considered to be its goal. Certain individuals may seem to have
distinctive set happiness points. This article focused mainly on Howard
Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences where he cited eight different
intelligences linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily, kinesthetic,
musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic (Gardner, 1993). It is considered
must be part in the United States school curriculums which is can also be taught
as an outcome of sustained happiness. As a result, these teachings to students
would include virtues and strengths where it was based on Seligman and his colleagues
has based their theory. This theory lies on six virtues namely as wisdom,
courage, justice, humanity, temperance, and transcendence (Dahlsgaard,
Peterson, & Seligman, 2005). These are to be referred as signature
strengths which represents an individual’s personalities and styles of learning.
 There are also tests that can be used as
a measurement for the student’s strengths and these includes VIA Signature Strengths Inventory which
measures virtues and positive traits and virtues (Foster & Lloyd, 2007, pp.
32-33). Another would be The Strengths
Finder where it distinguishes certain talents of an individual which
shapes on how they view themselves. Last of which would be, the Behavior Emotion Rating Scale
which identifies five different fields of a children’s strength. In relation to
the theory of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence where it is considered as
a testament to the argument of these strengths. In combination with the
concepts presented by Seligman and his colleagues along with the theory of
Gardner in positive psychology which results in creating a positive environment
in the classroom and in society as well. This combination would be efficient if
an individual will do the same thing, which is through the virtues of positive
psychology, the strengths which lie within such virtues, as well as the eight strengths
proposed by Gardner which helps the student in improving weaknesses. As a result
for these teachings to the students would make them accept their past,
appreciate the present, and remain optimistic with the future.


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