The What I like about the movie

The main character’s name is K’na, She is a
simple person and a loving person to her family. Not only that but she is also
the princess of her village. The movie takes place in the mountains, a perfect place
to have in the story.  

What I like about the movie was the perfect
setting that perfectly fits in the plot and the genre of the movie. The story
of the movie, people are low in technology, that’s why I think that the
mountain was the perfect setting of the movie. What I also liked about the
movie is the choice of actors and actresses of the movie. The actors and
actresses liked their role in the movie and they fit in perfectly. What I hate
about the movie was how the story was told, there is a part in the story that
the sign by the author was not that understandable in the first time viewing
the movie, making the audience question the movie and confusing them. The movie
was created in 2014, and what I don’t like about it is the quality of the film.
The quality of the film has a 90’s feeling, they should have a better camera to
do the filming of the movie, and also the lighting of the movie was not well
edited. There are some parts of the scene that the lighting effects are not
that visible due to the dark light. And the effects of the movie are not that
realistic, there are some part that are cheaply created like the fighting scene
and the suicide scene of one of the characters.

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My way of making this movie better is first
fixing the storyline and making each signs shown by the author explains the
meaning in the process of the story to make the audience less confused and
remain in question. The movie editing itself should be created in more quality,
and the lighting of the film as well making the movie clearer to the audience.
My rating of this movie is 7/10 , because the story has a good plot, but it is
told is not that clear. The characters of the film were perfect for me because
of their roles as a character in the story makes it a great film. The setting
itself is a good choice to create, making the film more realistic on what is
going on. The story was not clear, the lighting were bad making the story not
that visible and hard to see by others and the effects that the film used to
create it becomes the downside of the movie itself. I’ll recommend this movie
to people who like romance, and forbidden love.

It is also recommended to people who like
old tribes at war. I would not recommend this movie to people who don’t movie’s
with low lighting and poor effects on how it was created, and by people who
don’t like romance and two tribes fighting in the movie.