The in sectors, agricultural, industrial and services.

The United States have the
first economy of the world, in front of China, and is emerging newly of his
worse recession from the year 1930. The economy has recovered and the growth
rose up to 2,6 % of the GDP in 2015 stimulated by the private consumption, the
low rates of interest and the dynamism of the creation of employments.

In USA, the economy is divided
like the others countries in sectors, agricultural, industrial and services.
The agricultural American sector is no doubt one of the biggest of the world.
It is characterized by a high productivity and by the use of modern
technologies. The United States is one of the principal producers of maize,
soybean, meat of beast and cotton. The state of
California generates more than 1/3 of the vegetables and 2/3 of the fruits and
nuts of the country. Saying this, the agriculture represents only 1, 3 % of the
American GDP and uses 1,6 % of the active population. For what it concerns to
the industry, The United States is a very industrialized country. The industrial
sector represents more than 20 % of the GDP and includes a great variety of
activities. The most important are the manufacture of electrical and electronic
machinery, of chemical products and industrial machinery, as well as the
food-processing and self-propelling sector. Also he is a world leader in the
aerospace sector and in the pharmaceutical industry. The abundance of natural
resources has turned to the country in leader in the production of several
minerals and allows him to support a diversified production. This way, he is
also the major world producer of liquefied natural gas, electricity and nuclear
power, and the third world producer of oil. Nevertheless, The American economy
is based fundamentally on the services. The tertiary sector are the most
important in his economy, use to near 68 % of the active population (153.9
millions) and 3/4 of the GDP. The most important activities of this sector are
the banking, insurances, education, entertainment, investigation, transport,
tourism and trade. The United States have 7 of 20 bigger companies of the world
of agreement to his income: Some examples are: Exxon Mobil (1er position), Apple
(18), General Motors (19)

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The form of Government of USA
is a federal republic based on the representative democracy with the separation
of power between the branches of the government. The United States consists of
50 states that they have a great autonomy. The executive power comes down in
the President of State, who also is the commander of the armed forces and the
head of the government; it is chosen by a representatives’ college (that they
are chosen directly of every state) to recover the post during a period of four
years. The Parliament verifies these power. The office is designated by the President
by the approval of the Senate. The legislative power is bicameral in the United
States. The parliament consists of the Senate (high chamber) and the
Representatives’ Chamber (lower house). The Senate has the power to confirm or
reject the presidential designations and to ratify agreements. The
Representatives’ Chamber only shows the right to initiate projects of law,
though they can be modified or rejected by the Senate. The President may
prohibit the legislation approved by the Congress.

The year 2016 was marked by a
presidential campaign without precedents, in whom there confronted the
democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and the republican Donald Trump.
Surprisingly, the latter gained the choices, after a campaign focused in
assaults on the elites, the immigration and the free trade. One of the
essential characteristics of the program of the president Trump is his desire
to reinforce the protectionism and undoing Barack Obama’s political legacy.


Now we are going to talk about
international policy and relationships between United States and the other
countries, focused in Russia and North Korea.

First we will talk about the USA-Russia relationship,
it goes back many years. Just after WW II, these two countries emerged as the
two world powers, both economic, political and military. They looked for the
growth of their areas of influence to form two completely antagonistic blocks
that sought leadership across a period of unresolved tension called Cold War.
It was a tactical clash to seek the global hegemony of capitalism or communism

The capitalism was defended by
the US bloc, and the communist by the block of the USSR. There was a time of
espionage, with a great space race and armament, put to the test in low-intensity
conflicts as the Vietnam War. 
This War ended with the fall of the USSR, and also of the communism between
1989 (the fall of the Berlin Wall) and 1991.

Relationships in recent years have
been based on intervention in conflicts outside each one looking for their own
interests. However, the relationship between the USA and Russia is currently at
the most dangerous point since the end of the Cold War (Sir Toni Brenton, Uk’s
former Ambassador in Moscow). This is due to conflicts in recent years, both in
Ukraine and in Syria. The Ukrainian case is understood as two ways of
understanding Europe, on the one hand it shows clearly that Moscow understands
European security in a way different from that of Western Europe. As Western
countries want a Europe “complete, free and in peace,” Moscow sees a
continent that remains broken, even divided into blocs by the influence of the
USA on one side. The Russian crisis is based on which Western Europe and the
USA blame Russia for occupying the Crimean peninsula and annexing it to Russian
territory, while Russia says it is a response to NATO’s enlargement. It was a
conflict basically between pro-Europeans, supported by Europe and the US and by
pro-Russians, supported by Russia. The latter had a majority in the Crimean
area, with capital in Sebastopol. Here was made referendums with purpose of
separated from Ukraine and been closer to Russia, with the support of
government of Putin with revolts military in the area. Before these actions
used reacted with sanctions on Russia as the suspension all military contacts
and negotiations on trade with Russia, including trainings, bilateral
negotiations, visits to ports and planning of conferences, as well as
negotiations aimed at the stimulation of trade and investments. In addition, United States put economic and
political fines to Russia by the European Union and the USA for violating human
rights in Crimea. The action of the USA can be summed up in the increase of the
troops deployed in the Black Sea and in the areas close to Russia and Ukraine
due to the concern of the Russian activities in Crimea.

On the other hand we have the case of Syria, which is a conflict since
years ago (2013), with a rebellion against the government supported by
struggles between ethnic groups (Sunni and Shi’a). The regime led by Al Assad,
had a divided opposition in secular and Islamist. USA gives its support to the
rebels with the excuse to ensure humanitarian rights and security by be it the
first world power and on the other hand, Russia supports the Government of
al-Assad to defend the Syrian sovereignty.

USA intervenes looking for a balance of world power, to prevent the growth of
a new hegemony and maintain both used as Russia, their positions of power to
defend their tactical interests, political, strategic… This balance is achieved
with the help of political mechanisms and unilateral measures. By policy tools
we understand the Peace Conferences or the UN Security Council by unilateral
tools. Here we find
that USA tries to isolate the government with sanctions on exports, suspension
of relations Washington-Damascus. On the other hand, Russia wanted to dissuade
the rebels through meetings and with the supply of arms and monetary support to
the government. However, the Russian attitude can be seen as a response to
American support for the rebels, but no, it is a struggle to gain ground to the
influence in the Middle East to the USA (Landler, 2000). In 2013, despite this, and Putin’s successive
support of Al-Assad, an agreement was reached between Syria-Russia-USA in which
the Syrian government pledged to deliver chemical weapons to international

If we leave of a side the Syrian conflict, and we focused on the influence
that has had USA in Syria, observe that it has been less enough than in other
countries. However, this country takes a big geostrategic importance as Israel
and the terrorism (Hinnebuch, 2009), since in from 2006 the American influence
in these countries has decreased for the Hizbullah victory (it is an Islamic
organization founded in Lebanon and trained by Iran, and sent by it to show its
support for the Assad government against the rebels) on Israel. In addition,
the alliance between Turkey, Iran and Syria, with Russian support, has
confirmed the decreased of the United States power in the Medium Orient
(Philipp, 2010),

Focusing again in the USA, we see that entered into the conflict of Syria
for two main reasons: the first was for security and stability in the region
and the second for geopolitical reasons, due to the proximity of Iran with its
nuclear programs and by the paths of energy toward the Mediterranean for that
Russia is not to do with the control of that route.

USA has lost in recent years the unilateral control over the region of the
Middle East with Iran, but especially with Russia.




Next we will go to detail the situation between USA and North Korea. To
understand the current situation, we must return to the Cold War period, when
after the IIWW the Korean peninsula was divided into two. The north was under
the influence of the Soviet Union and the South had the support of United
States. There was a war with the two Koreas confronted between the years
1950-1953. In this case,
the two were proclaimed winners without signing an armistice of peace and it
was the origin of the rivalry of the two Koreas that arrives to the present

Since then great American interest in the area, with great support to
South Korea and with the maintenance of a great military force in the South
Korean country.

In 2016, after four nuclear tests in previous years, President Obama
drafted a document that collected a number of sanctions and policies, approved almost unanimously in the House of
Representatives and in the Senate. This draft contained individual penalties
for those contributing to North Korean nuclear development, cyber and continued
human rights abuses. In addition, visa prohibitions and denial of contracts
with the government were added.

In 2017, Trump came to power and created the alarm for the development
of North Korean missiles and nuclear weapons because they had a large part of
North American territory within range. United States sought Russian, Chinese,
Japanese and South Korean support. In November, Trump officially placed North
Korea on the list of terrorist sponsor countries, which was answered by the
North Korean government as a big provocation.


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