Thinking it can survive the rapid tides of this world
It works and works and works until it can work no more
Is it truly happy in its confined walls of its fortress
Must it work all the time to feel freedom?
I say NOT; take for instance the butterfly
The butterfly is a thirsty brook longing to become a great river
Its tides blow strong so to be free and wild in the day
Its world is gentle and its sneezes are the same
It does not live in a fortress for a world
However, one day the butterfly and the ant join powers
One is to gather a great meal for kings
And one is to provide a single moment of joy
The butterfly tells the ant to provide joy, but the ant refuses and leaves
The butterfly can’t stand this behavior and calls back the ant
The ant explains that he truly does not know what “joy” is
When the butterfly hears this, his heart sinks to hell and grows cold
The butterfly feels a great sympathy for the deprived ant
The ant lives in an everlasting, inescapable hell fire
The butterfly lives in a heavenly palace
The two are night and day!… never to be seen together
The butterfly flies away looking at the frozen image of the ant
It flies closer and closer to the sun… until it is never seen again


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