The truck will be. Our team rode with

The Mission It was one of those days were our peaceful lives were now over and war would start until one side would win. I was in shock at how North Korea declared war ¬†and started firing missiles on japan and some on seoul. I never knew the missiles were gonna make it and now every man had to enlist. And the time to work at Microsoft is no more but Military work now.”Whats up Leo” shouted his friend carter”Oh sup dude” sighed Leo “Commander says we should prepare for the next mission in South Korea, stuffs been happening with North Korea ever since the War broke out” told Leo”Alright let’s go then” carter repliedIt was a cold night as we loaded ourselves onto the heli. The heli headed for South Korea at the location of Incheon close to Seoul. Seoul was taken over by North korea increasing their space. All my team had to do was rescue the slaves and disarm the bomb from the truck headed to Incheon. As we landed it was much more worse then I had imagined then I thought it was. We headed out and the heli left us and we were on our own. Instantly we saw some humvees roll up as we started walking towards the predicted area of where the truck was going to head. Out popped out about eight or nine U.S. troops like they were expecting us to come here at any moment, my commander told them to head down close to the city of Seoul where the truck will be. Our team rode with the other team so we would group up and would help ourselves disarm the bomb and cover each other from fire from the enemy which lays between Seoul’s city.”Get everything packed we’re gonna have to get ready for what’s coming guys” announced Carter. We packed everything in our backpacks and I was the one with the least load so I was lucky. We were close to Seoul and that’s when we already saw the truck coming towards us.”What this early?” whispered one of the soldiers. “Everybody get out and stop the truck” shouted the Commander. Everybody hopped out and were ready to fire until the truck stopped and the driver ran away. My Commander ran to the truck looking for the bomb and found it in a split second the driver’s seat.”Request helicopter airplane V-22 Osprey for pickup” shouted one of the soldiers on the walkie talkie. “37.5665 North, 126.9780 East over, we got the Osprey coming for escort back to our camp and find all the citizens in the building hurry” shouted the soldier again. One team started to head to the buildings and the other to the opposite to look for some civilians hiding and our team was to disarm the bomb.”Get the scissors” shouted the Commander. My team passed up the scissors as fast as we could nervous that the bomb would go off any minute.”Osprey is here now go leave” shouted the Commander. We boarded to the helicopter and right as we did the bomb blew and the Ospreys wing flown off from the explosion wave from the bomb. I woke up and saw the crashed Osprey and luckily I wasn’t hurt except me sliding through the asphalt and that’s when I noticed Carter looking at me.”Tell my wife I love her” whispered Carter and that’s when his hand fell and he slowly died. I was in shock that I lost my friend but I never cried but looked at him in despair. I turned around and saw the other teams with about three or four south korean citizens looking at me. I decided to stand up and tell them we lost carter.”We lost him guys we lost him” told Leo. I looked over at the explosion of the truck and I saw my Commander and he was looking fine not even a scrape on him. “Wha-wha what?” exclaimed Leo “Well I used the bomb shield the one that I carried in my bag” replied the Commander “oh” sighed Leo “well might as well go on foot with these guys, hey group one call in for another helicopter and get these citizens and your team out of here and group two come with us we’re gonna find the slaves in Seoul and get them out of here” the Commander commanded. We went through the streets hiding from the enemies and went through possible shortcuts that the enemy wouldn’t know. We camped nearby the DMZ where the border is and that’s when we spotted the enemies but they were talking to a U.S. soldier. We had found our camping spot and had a soldier watch the guard every hour and switched. “See anything?” whispered Leo.”No nothing in sight except that U.S. guy that was talking to that North korean soldier by the DMV. They looked at the area where they saw the U.S. guy was talking to the North Korean. Out of plain sight they saw a few more North koreans come out with the slaves and that was our target. “Thats our target” said the general “we target the north koreans and get the slaves out of there and our mission is done”. Our team packed up and we left and charged to the Soldiers with our guns out. They put there hands up and that’s when I saw Carter behind the soldiers. “What the—- CARTER”? Shouted Leo. He freezed and stared at me with worry”I uhmm uhh sorry Leo but i’m a spy from the North koreans”. He took out the gun and when he was going to shoot he fell backwards and that’s when a bullet hit him and he fell. I turned around and saw the Commander point at Carter. “I knew I couldn’t trust him” he said “let’s wrap everything up and get these people out of here and safe. I stared at Carter in disbelieve and for those three minutes I fell dead silent staring at his dead body. “Come on Leo let’s go don’t worry about him he’s long gone from us now. The commander was right he was, I got up and left with my crew and waited for the helicopter to come pick us up and that was it. We left with the slaves and headed home. Our mission was done and then that’s when we were being shot at from below so the people controlling the heli decided to get out of there before a rotor malfunctioned and that’s when we headed all the way home and back to another mission soon but without carter.