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The pharmaceutical industry has
had the greatest impact in increasing the quality of life and longevity of
patients in the general population.  The
research and development of new drugs have put the pharmaceutical industry at
the forefront of patient treatment. Such advances in drugs intrigue me to learn
more about their development and their physiological effects. To fuel this
interest I have begun reading articles from the pharmaceutical journal which
has kept me up to date with recent breakthroughs, particularly in genetically
engineered treatment tailored to an individual patient.

 My first-hand experience of how drugs can have
a direct impact on medical conditions made me realise that without the heavy
reliance on these drugs, the human body and mind can easily deteriorate. As a
carer for my grandfather who suffers from various ailments including diabetes,
high blood pressure, and arthritis, I can appreciate how drugs can control the
symptoms and alleviate the pain. For example, medication such as insulin can
normalise his sugar levels, thereby reducing the risks of complications and has
provided millions with the opportunity to live longer.

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The practical experience I gained
at a local pharmacy gave me a deeper appreciation for pharmacists and made me
more aware of the responsibilities they hold. It gave me an insight into the drugs
used to treat a multitude of illnesses. From this, I also understood the
importance of their responsibility, as the wrong dispensing of medicines can
lead to fatal consequences. This highlighted the excessive trust placed in
pharmacists; they are in an irreplaceable position where they have to be aware
of the prescriber’s current and past drug history allowing them to become a key
source of advice in the community.

I developed my interpersonal
skills further by volunteering at British Heart Foundation where my role
included being placed in charge of delegating tasks to new volunteers. This
improved my leadership skills and taught me the importance of patience when
dealing with customer issues. Furthermore, being a member of a debating club
improved my skills in critical thinking, and my ability to extract important
information in a concise manner. This is a skill pharmacists should possess and
is especially true when establishing the exact duration and nature of symptoms,
as well as the ability to check drug interaction with other medication.

A-level chemistry developed my
understanding of the fine intricacies involved in the human body, like: atomic
structures, chemical bonds, and reaction mechanisms. Biology also helped me
gain an insight into the human anatomy, which helps as you must know how the
body works in order to appreciate how drugs can affect it. For example,
learning about how medicine interacts with their target cells gave me a broader
perspective of the systems involved. Laboratory experiments in both subjects
increased my practical thinking, and equally maths with mechanics improved my
analytical skills as I am able to manipulate numbers, thus providing me with
key problem-solving skills.

During my free time, I have
worked alongside University of Birmingham student society to help them promote
their charity fundraiser events through helping with social media advertising
and designing promotional material. This gave me experience in liaising with
young adults from a variety of backgrounds; helping me become more confident in
communicating with a wider audience and gave me a great sense of gratification.

The pharmaceutical industry is
ultimately the front line of drug advancement and the prospects of working
within the world of pharmacy is inspiring. With the course of this world
forever evolving, it means that drugs now have a direct impact on the longevity
of life, serving as a bridge between the applications of medicine and the
demand of the population. I believe that a career in pharmacy can offer an
engaging, and interesting vocation.