The thought that he died in the railroad

The short story “The story of an hour”, by Kate Chopin, is a
story of complex events. The main character was Mrs. Mallard and her husband
called Brently. In this story Mrs. Mallard was suffering from heart trouble and
her husband thought that he died in the railroad disaster. Mr. Mallard knew
this new from her sister, and she sank in the chair. Also, she went away to her
room alone. These events indicate that she was sad, but after a while she had a
changer in her feeling by her saying: “free free free” and the author said that
she had loved him – sometimes. Often she had not. I think this was happen
because she didn’t have a ahppy life with her husband, and perhaps her husband
controlled her. But I disagree with this change in feeling because she should
respect him. At the end, her husband returned but he was too late, Mrs. Mallard
died with heart trouble because she surprised in a bad way from her husband
returning. Oh I do not like this ending because I wish that they could complete
their life together.