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The toilet paper express is on its way to pick you up for a journey flowing down the toilet paper road. You might think toilet paper is boring and plain; however, just like you and me, toilet paper has a past also. James Gayetty invented toilet paper which has impacted societies cleanness. James Gayetty was the creator of the wonderful toilet tissue. He was an American inventor in the 1800s’. Toilet paper was sort of just a “one hit wonder” for James. Although, he did start a company called “Northern Tissue Company”. This company sold 1,000 sheets of toilet paper for one dollar. He, James Gayetty, is the only creator of the toilet paper. Toilet paper was invented so people could wipe their anuses after pooping. In addition, it was created so women would wipe their private square after urinating. The toilet paper was thick to absorb things. Toilet paper is a white, soft piece of fabric that has different designs on it. It  was invented in 1857 in the United States and it was used in the United States and including other countries around the world, and it is still being used today around the world. Toilet paper was changed over the years because people thought it would be a good idea to make it thicker. In addition, people thought it’d be cool to put designs on the toilet paper. Therefore, the invention changed over time because different industries made the sheets thicker and put different designs on them. Since several industries started making changes to the toilet paper, there was a lot of competition among the toilet paper industries. This is still happening today, and it causes prices to change constantly. Although James did create toilet paper, people invented their own “toilet paper” since  50 B.C. The chinese made their own “toilet paper” in that time using bamboo.  Toilet paper is constantly changing and being renewed all the time. Toilet paper has affected our society because different industries make money off of it still to this day. People are still using it to this day to whip their  private areas. In conclusion, toilet paper was invented by one person; although, people have been making their own “ghetto” toilet paper since 50 B.C. It has affected our society in a positive way, and helps people stay clean.


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