The informed decisions while providing care, keeping

The initial purpose of this assignment is to discuss various qualities my group and I believe represents nursing as a profession and a nurse as an individual. A nurse upholds 4 main qualities; critical thinking, social advocacy, leadership and compassion. In my paper, I will be analyzing the first 3. The 4 symbols my group chose to depict these qualities are a balance scale representing Social Advocacy, an eagle to represent leadership, a key unlocking a brain representing critical thinking and compassion, which is represented by hands with various different colour, including the idea of fairness amongst all races of society.

Critical thinking requires the use of various logic and reasoning to make well informed decisions while providing care, keeping in mind a client’s needs that affect their well-being. It also requires purposeful and reflective reasoning during which you examine various ideas, assumptions, beliefs, principles, conclusion and actions within the context of the situation. This quality has been identifies as a vital element to evidence- based practice. (Zuriguel?Pérez, E, 2017). There are 3 levels of critical thinking according to kataoka – Yahiro’s and Saylor’s model. Basic level, complex level and commitment level. All the 3 of these levels progress with experience. One gains competency through her experience as depicted by our symbol. It shows that to unlock your brain’s full potential of thinking, one needs the right key, and in this case the key tends to be the experience the nurse gains over time. There are also 5 components of critical thinking. They are Specific base knowledge, Experience, critical thinking competencies which include general, specific and nursing process as critical thinking competencies, attitudes and standards, including both intellectual and professional standards. This quality of critical thinking also helps nurses identify patient’s unique, individualized problems and aids in planning for one’s individualized nursing intervention. Evaluation could also be considered with critical thinking to see whether the treatment has been effective or there need to be a change in the interventions. 

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