The the work-shop. 6. In staff meetings,

The AutoCars has worked since the 1980s and their Information Systems have developed and created over that time. Most workers are the PC proficient and two IT staff administers the organization’s modest infrastructure for networking, email, stock control, invoicing and accounts. All PCs in AUTOCARS depend on Windows and Microsoft Office is generally utilized.

In addition to this,

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1.      The organization keeps up an in-house stock control and database framework since large number of cars and their information is included so this should be refreshed with a solid and effective framework to oversee information bitterly.


2.      Some portion of this framework is paper-based, whine need to be remove completely and instead of that data should be fed into a central database system.


3.      Duplication of the tasks.


4.      Sales representative input an order in the sales system and Technician input this request into a separate car service database. This has led to services being delayed and customers left unhappy and/or dissatisfied.


5.      Head of Sales and Customer service is often left frustrated because of the disconnection between sales and the work-shop.


6.      In staff meetings, technicians and customer service representative often have low morals as they are dealing with irritate customers.


7.      There are no records of any of the kind of practices and methods on the best way to settle concentrated top of the line issues with some luxury cars.


8.      Due to the fragmented nature of IT systems it is very difficult or Finance Director, to get any accurate financial forecasts on future quarters and it takes considerable time to get past sales and car service financial information.


9.      A Call for road side assist should involve less human intervention and it can be tracked and audited end to end.


10.  The customer service system can be accessed remotely but it has a risk of power failures, fire and other disruption.


11.  Functional databases should not be compromised, and customer details should be safe.


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