The as chances towards economic success, and

The topic of globalization is controversial and it leads to different
ideas of whether it is good or bad when discussing between me and my partner.

In my opinion as a thinker, I strongly believe globalization must be needed for
human modernization in today’s world. I supported my stand by giving some of
the following proves which include three main points: globalization offers a wide
range choices for customers, improves transportation and communication, and boosts
the global economy. Taking Mc. Donald’s fast food as an example; this kind of
fast food helps illustrate my three main points related to the positive side
that globalization can bring. First, Mc. Donald’s offers products that is
highly demanded by people around the world; and by the power of globalization, this
brand is franchised all over the globe. Asian countries like Vietnam, Korea,
Japan can now have chances to experience this American signature food. And,
thanked to the process of globalization that boosts up the world economy for
countries in the world as proved by the reputation and the amount of franchises
that Mc. Donald’s has all around the world.

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            On the other hand,
taking role as a thinker, my partner has a different viewpoint about this
topic. In her
opinion, globalization is neither good nor bad. Even though the benefits from
globalization in developed countries are obvious such as chances towards
economic success, and uniting governments together. By contrast, as a result of
outsourcing, globalization may cause the loss in amounts of jobs from country
to country. In addition, the most common disadvantages of globalization is that
it creates a wide gap between rich and poor people.


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