“The rabbits to detect contamination in medicines that

greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its
animals are treated.” as claims Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of the Indian
Independence Movement against British rule. The quote perfectly sums up the
never-ending debate about using species of animals for research purposes.
According to the latest data almost million animals are used in experiments
globally each year. Research are used to create new medicines or test safety of
products. Animals used in this kind of procedure are no longer animals, but
tools used for scientific aims. For the sake of their extreme suffering it
should be forbidden everywhere to exploit species of animals for cruel
experiments and in this essay I would like to prove that it is unnecessary.

it is archaic and contrasts with current advanced technology. In fact, it goes
back to ancient Greece. Erasistratus was an anatomist, who did first tests on
animals. Later on, it became popular also in ancient Rome, where physician
Galen dissected pigs and goats and he is named as „father of vivisection”
(vivesection is a surgery done for experimental aims on living organism). Saudi
Arabia is known for Avenzoar, who tests surgical procedures on defenceless animals.
The next example would be Ivan Pavlov and his theory of classical conditioning
presented by dogs. When the experimentation increased it becomes a topic for
debates. Doubts and objections concerned the reliability of the tests due to the
suffering of animals and ethical issues. Since the antiquity animals have been
tested for scientific purposes, even when world moves on.

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the largest pharmaceutical corcerns are still using mice, rats, hamsters and
guinea pigs for tests although there are a lot of other modern methods
available. Harvard’s Wyss Institute has deviced „organs-on-chips”, which
include human cells and their results are much more accurate than tests done on
animals. A great alternative is also in vitro cell researches, which are done
outside the living organism in artificial conditions. It allows testing
toxicity of cosmetics, for instance absorption through the skin. Researches are
also done on artificial leather and the results are very similar to these
carried out on animals. What is more, scientists from European Union Reference
Library have developed four different types of tests that make use of human
blood instead of rabbits to detect contamination in medicines that can cause
potential danger for human body. It results in providing reliable results
without causing suffering.

some people believe that animal testing is necessary and beneficial for human.
However, there are considerable differences arising between species. Many
diseases, such as: AIDS, mental disorders and Alzheimer’s disease are treated
specific only for human species. Results obtained by alternative scientific
methods are considered to be more precise and accurate. There is evidence that large
amount of medicines are effective for people but harmful for animals (like
paracetamol, penicilin or morphine). Taking this into account the perfect
summary may be the quotation of dr. Richard Klausner, who is former director of
the National Cancer Institute. He said „The history of cancer research has been
a history of curing cancer in the mouse. We have cured mice of cancer for
decades and it simply doesn’t work with humans”.

the fact, that the situation have been changing and tests on animals become
forbidden give a positive perspective. There is an evidence that these
procedures are expensive, time-consuming and inefficient. In addition to that,
many organisations working for animal rights pay attention to ethical issues.
Decisively, animals also feel pain and do not deserve such treatment by humans.



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