The to innovate our strategies to increase the

The SWOT analysis assists in
clarifying key issues in a business. The ideal aspect would be to increase strengths
and to decrease weaknesses so that new opportunities are taken into
contemplation to elude threats.



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The objectives of this report is to demonstrate with data
gathered through qualitative and quantitative research within my company for
the past ,….years will evaluate and assess how digital revolution has changed
our business making practices. For the past years we have noticed an
improvement in marketing effectiveness, as measured by return on investment and
customer-engagement metrics.

The chosen
study method for the current report is both qualitative and quantitative research.

Qualitative research was also conducted through the form of
interviews and survey in the travel agency with the customers and the travel

Quantitative research was conducted through

Accounts books, ROI,

How many customers prefer online booking and how
many prefer to come to travel agency?

Age group survey on digital technology

Qualitative research was also conducted through the form of
interviews and survey in the travel agency with the customers and the travel
consultants this research type has been applied in order
to study the following research questions:

1.      What
is the best strategy for promoting the travel agency online?

2.      How
to create interaction between the agency and its clients?

3.      Why
social media is the most appropriate one for the current case study?

Technology is growing very fast and so is the use of the
internet. As the internet has worked to streamline many processes, it has
turned marketplace for Online
Travel Agencies (OTAs) very busy. In today’s fast-paced
world, Online Travel Agencies like Expedia, MakeMyTrip enormously impact the way travelers make
tour bookings. These Online Travel Agencies offer many benefits to travelers
by booking hotel reservations with rental cars, air tickets,
etc. Online Travel Agencies are not only competing for clicks and revenues but
they are also competing with hotel chains and airlines that sell their product
directly from their website. As the travel industry is quickly becoming a
very competitive market, we need to innovate our
strategies to increase the revenue.

Project deliverables

1. Have a Good Website

we can see many agencies website are not that useful. So it is very essential
to have a nice, attractive and user-friendly website of
our Online Travel Agency. When
we create our website, it should be able to attract the customers rapidly
by having high-quality
professional photographs and easy to use. Our website should describe in
details the services provided by our travel agency like hotel booking, car rentals, flight bookings,
excursions etc. Be sure that all the services provided are properly linked to
the relevant service page. The best example for this is Anyone can
easily identify by reading the domain name that this company is into booking


2. Engage With Social

Another most common sales technique for our travel agency is the use of
Social Media. With an active social presence, our content will appear
closer to the top of the page in search results. We must also have to get
engage with social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram,
etc. That’s because Google ranks
content that is spread via these networks higher than other content. People get
influenced by their friends and relatives photos and book their trip
accordingly. The
use of social media to further enhance our business strategies as well as
increasing visibility of the company not only in Mauritius but in the
international market. The example here is a travel agency situated in France
‘Le Cercle des vacances’. The stats below show that
52% people get