The sending letters. But Andy than started

The Shawshank Redemption is my all time favorite movie. It
gives a strong message of hope and redemption. The story begins when Andy, a
banker by profession, convicted of the murder of his wife and her lover for
two-time life sentences. Andy reached Shawshank’s prison in 1947. At that time another
prisoner, Red, bet on him that he will cry among the new prisoners on the first
night in jail but Andy did not make a word on his first night. Eventually Andy
and Red became friends. Andy kept himself busy in the jail but did not lose the
faith in the dream of getting freedom. The initial years of Andy at Shawshank
were worst. He was tortured and raped by other prisoners but eventually, things
started changing. He began helping jail officers for their tax returns. He
decides to expand library and wrote letters to the state office for funds,
weekly. After two years he got 200 $ cheque and a reply to stop sending
letters. But Andy than started sending two letters a week and finally got
handsome funds for the library. During the same time, a young man brought to
the jail whom Andy taught how to read and write. That man disclosed that he
knows the man who killed Andy’s  wife.
Andy talked to jail warden but warden refused to listen to him and gave him the
punishment of two months isolation. That was the point when Andy decided to
leave Shawshank. He dug a tunnel with a rock hammer and crawled through
sewerage pipes of six football ground length. Before living he asked Red to
promise him to visit a place where he purposed his wife. Red released after 40
years in jail and went to the place where he found a box containing money and
Andy’s latter to meet him in Mexico. Red broke the payroll and left for the
journey to meet his friend. The movie end when Red reached a beach and Andy
greet him.


The story reflects the importance of hope in unfavorable
conditions. It is the hope which cannot be barred in any prison. ” Hope is a
good thing probably best of the good things and no good thing ever dies” The
story also give an important lesson of endurance no matter how much-limited
resources one has if he is persistent and works in the right direction he will
ultimately achieve his goal. “Keep busy dying or keep busy living” and Andy
chose to live. Hope is the main theme around which this film was built.
Shawshank was a horrible jail but real danger was its power to demoralize human
spirit. Its walls and bars did not keep prisoners only physically but also
their souls. After enough time spent in prison there comes a time when people
lost their identity, autonomy. “They send you here for life, and that’s exactly
what they take.” There is only one thing that can save a person–hope. But what
is hope? Is it just a pipe dream, a delusion, a refusal to accept reality and
thus ultimately hopeless. That’s what Red thinks, but Andy knows better. He
knows that, whatever hardships may do to the body, they can never kill the
soul.” there’s something inside that they can’t get to, they can’t touch.”  Real hope is not about closing eyes to the
evil around you, stopping your ears and dreaming. No, true hope comes by
actively dying to yourself .when you are willing to risk everything the freedom
becomes possible.

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