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The Manifest of The Communist Party. This political pamphlet was written by two German philosophers; Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. The pamphlet was written in 1848 by the two philosophers after they had become members of a group of radical workers called the “Communist League”. The communist League met in London in 1847 and commissioned Karl Marx and Frederick Engels to write a manifesto for the group, with Marx as the principle author and Engels as the editor and assistant.(“SparkNotes,” n.d.). The manifesto was an attempt to explain the goals of communism while simultaneously underlying theory of this movement. The ideas within are rooted in the debates which were held by the Communist League Leaders.(Cole & Ph.D., 2017)Karl Heinrich Marx was born on 5th May 1818 in Trier, Germany, he was born into a house of nine children with his father Heinrich and his mother Henrietta both being Jewish. Despite this Karl was baptized into the Evangelical Established Church when he was six years old and this baptism coupled with his Jewish background exposed him to certain prejudice and discrimination that could have been a key trigger to make him analyse the role of religion in the society. Karl Marx was privately educated by his father until 1830, at this point he went on to gain his education at the Trier High School. During this period, Marx’s writings seemed to demonstrate a strong devotion to Christianity and a desire for self-sacrifice on behalf of humanity. In 1835, he was matriculated into the University of Bonn where he took courses strictly concentrated around the humanities. In 1836, he left Bonn and was enrolled at the University of Berlin where he studied law and philosophy. It was also here that he was introduced to Hegel’s theory and became a part of the Doctor Club who had their members intensely involved in the new literary-philosophical movement. On October 15th, 1842, Marx became the editor of the Rheinische Zeitung and was obliged to write editorials on social and economic issues. Marx Befriended Frederick Engels through the publication of the “German-French Yearbooks”. It was in this publication that he also raised the call for an “uprising of the proletariat”. These publications caused the Prussian government to once again intervene against Marx, causing his expulsion from France and hence, he left for Brussels. It was during his years in Brussels that Marx developed his views and established his intellectual standing. In 1846, insisted that the stage of bourgeois society could not be skipped over and the proletariat could not just leap into communism. It was around this time that Marx collaborated with Engels to write the communist manifesto. During his final years, Marx spent most of his time at health resorts but eventually died in London of a lung abscess in 1884.


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