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The greatest power of Wonder Woman is to put credible human heroes in an extravagantworld. With an Amazon army, secret invisible islands and gods that descend on earth. Thename of the legendary sword "Godkiller" alone is difficult to pronounce with a poker face.Yet scenographer Allan Heinberg knows how to sell this by giving the story a very sinceretone and filling it with all kinds of little charming moments.This way Diana gets every chance to develop Diana Prince. She grows up as a fighting, butabove all naïve war princess who moves into the world to single-handedly end the FirstWorld War. Diana does not necessarily bring resounding acting, but a very charismatic andimposing character.Because Diana Prince grew up in an idyllic environment without discrimination, there arewitty cultural clashes. Traditional clothing, etiquette, everyday habits, Steve Trevorconstantly has to correct the unworldly superheroine. Behind that humor are clear feministundertones, where daily or male scenes are put in a different light and the idealistic DianaPrince is confronted with reality. Fortunately, it is never preached and interwoven by thestory and character of Wonder Woman, that it never comes across as forced. Rather asessential and refreshing.What the film also helps enormously, is the right amount of action. There is more room forcharacter building, but as soon as an action scene comes along, it also has an impact.Moreover, it fits Wonder Womans development and one of the themes: violence is rarelythe solution, rather a recipe for escalation and needless conflicts. Occasionally, Zack Snydercan slip into an action scene, especially when Wonder Woman carries on in her slow-motion glory. Fortunately, Jenkins and Heinberg manage to curb visual violence bydistributing the action in the right way.Instead, Jenkins focuses everything on a focused and passionate story about Diana Princeand her collisions with the human race. It results in an action film full of contrasts: drama,humor, violence, romance. Still the most important element is the archenemy who has acredible ideological clash with the protagonist.


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