The greening to cater to consumers. In recent

The term “greenwashing” is a mixture of “green” and “whitewash,” a synonym for corporate phony propaganda and whitewash, and it is difficult for Marketers to follow and ensure truthful and nondeceptive for their products. Some companies are influenced by the movement of the green consumer to start greening to cater to consumers. In recent years, by the society of the green economy, consumer preferences for green consumption and information asymmetry and inadequate penalties, the phenomenon of corporate green drift is becoming very common. However, enterprises try to make themselves to detached with “Green”, so that stakeholders mistakenly think they are “green business” or the production of “green products”, such as exaggerated propaganda, vague words, the concept of substitution and misleading consumers. On the other hand, it refers to deceiving stakeholders with false realities, fake and non-existent green products, green labels, green certification. Intentional misleading and traumatic consumers such as false propaganda, lying, and deceit. Although green certification and green signage are favored as green signaling mechanisms, the issue of information asymmetry has not been completely solved. On the one hand, the awareness of green signage and certification is not high enough for consumers to fully understand these green symbols; Moreover, there are still fake green signs and green certification on the market. What is the effect of GreenWashing in Economic? First, it leads to suspicion and mistrust among consumers. Many consumers are aware of the existence of the company behavior of “washing”, but also more and more doubt that the product information provided by the enterprises. Finally, GreenWashing will weaken the policy support and implementation of environmental legislation, thereby reducing the green purchasing power of consumers and weakening the due protection of policies. In fact, for many developing countries facing the increasingly serious environmental problems and increasing public awareness of environmental protection, the green drift phenomenon of enterprises is becoming more and more serious, the forms are becoming more and more diverse and hidden, and their impact on the economy and society It is urgent to conduct an in-depth study on the phenomenon of bleaching green in enterprises in developing countries and compare their similarities and differences with the bleaching of green in enterprises in developed countries. At the same time, the current research mostly does not distinguish the situation of the industry, and the performance forms, influencing factors and impact results of the enterprises in different industries may vary. Therefore, it is necessary to make a comparative study on the enterprises bleaching the green in different industries.


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