The a world based on American values, opponents

The Cold War is a period of the history of
international relations, which formally began in 1946 after the speech of
Winston Churchill and ended in 1991 with the collapse of the USSR, the Interior
Ministry and the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. This period, I
believe, is very dangerous for all mankind, because it put the world on the
brink of a nuclear war that would entail the disappearance of mankind.

In this essay I will try to examine what were the
causes of cold war,  if there any
particular person who could cause an aggravation in relations between the two
powers – America and the USSR

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The rivalry between the
two strongest countries of the world at that time gradually developed into a
fierce confrontation in all spheres – economic, social, political and
ideological. Both states created military-political associations (NATO and the Warsaw
Pact), forced the growth of nuclear missiles and conventional weapons, and also
constantly took covert or explicit participation in virtually all local
military conflicts on the planet.

In my opinion, the
explosion in the sphere of international relations was to no small extent
promoted by the rise of the power of the USSR and its transformation into the
main actor of international politics after the war, as well as the US desire to
consolidate world leadership and create a world based on American values,
opponents (European states, like the USSR, lay in ruins after the war, while
other countries at that time could not even closely compete with a stronger
overseas “empire”). Instead of a new era of peace, the post-war era
was the time of the Cold War – the confrontation between the USSR and the
United States, balancing on the verge of a “hot war”. The turning
point in the relations between the USSR and the Western world was the speech of
former British Prime Minister W. Churchill at the military college of Fulton
(USA) in March 1946. Churchill  said «From Stettin in the
Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the
continent.” (,
n.d.)  Harry Truman,33rd president of the
Usa also touched the USSR topic, saying “We
have to get tough with the Russians. They don’t know how to behave. They are
like bulls in a china shop. They are only 25 years old. We are over 100 and the
British are centuries older.  We have got to teach them how to behave.” (History 12, n.d.)

These words caused
anxiety JV. Stalin, said  ” I appraise it as a
dangerous act, calculated to sow the seeds of discord among the allied states
and to cause difficulty to their collaboration..” (Seventeen Moments in
Soviet History, n.d.)

The fact is that the Cold
War was accompanied not only by diplomatic battles, military confrontation and
arms build-up, but also by the severity of ideological confrontation, by loud
propaganda campaigns. The deterioration of relations between the USSR and the
United States continued and in 1947 Europe lay in ruins. Under these
conditions, the influence of the ideas of communism, the prestige of the USSR,
was growing. Fearing the spread of communist ideology and its massive support,
the United States began to actively oppose the USSR due to the beliefs of possibility
Europe turning to communism. To undermine such sentiments, the US adopted a
program of economic assistance to Europe – the “Marshall Plan”. The Marshall
plan was put in place in order to help 
European economy going after the world war II. American politician W.
Averell Harriman shard his opinion on this topic  “It never occurred to me that we would have as
grandiose a program as the Marshall Plan, but I felt that we had to do
something to save Europe from economic disaster which would encourage the
Communist takeover.” (the MARSHALL PLAN, n.d.)This perfectly shows
the fear of the US of c0mmunism takeover.

Was it possible to avoid a cold war and move on to a
peaceful resolution of international issues? Even today, not all historians
agree that the Cold War was inevitable in the 1950s. In order to answer this
question, it is necessary to analyze the views of historians of different
countries  and the cold war as a whole.

First, the main responsibility for the onset of the
Cold War rests with the USSR. According to this point of view, in 1945-1948 gg.
at the initiative of the Soviet Union, the “Sovietization” of the
countries of Eastern Europe took place, where, according to Mao Zedong, ” The Red Army is like a furnace in which all captured
soldiers are melted down and transformed the moment they come over (Mao,1968)”. The United States did not play the role of the
“first violin” in this situation, but was involved in counter-actions
against the USSR in order to preserve the democracy and security of the Western
countries against the Communists and the world revolution.

The American point of view to some extent with
all US presidents was the official doctrine put forward by the US government,
and it is natural that it experienced its peak during the years of the cold war
– especially in the 40-50s. and at the end – early 70 – 80 under President
Reagan, with his notorious speech about the USSR as an “evil empire” (MCamericanpresident, 2008)


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