The by the workers of the enterprise

The digital evolution has been leading to the disruption of the
traditional business models and the way most of the organizations and their
customers are operating. The E-commerce has a tremendous growth in today’s
world as most of the works are being done using it. The companies dealing with
the E-commerce are made to upgrade their technologies to serve the customers
with their requirements. This also gives an opportunity for development of data
management and for improving the productivity. The companies should mobilize their
business and the workers should have good great collaboration with the
environment to increase the productivity. The scope for many newer operating
systems has been increasing a lot and the companies need to be very adaptive to
the various demands of the customers. The mobile applications which are
developed by the IT team of an enterprise to meet the customer demands will
really help the enterprise in rise of the profits.


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the management, ethical, legal, or social issues this article addresses:

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The older versions of the operating systems are quite
difficult to adapt to the newer versions was an issue and if upgraded to a
version it would be enough for some years which is not the situation in current
business. The upgradation of the mobile applications with the growing demands
is an issue as it is costly, and the company must face a lot of pressures to
cope up with the other companies as it is a continuous process. The android is
playing a key role in today’s business world, as the enterprises are impressed
by the reliability, security and the management of the applications provided by
the android. 


My opinion on this issue
based on this article:


The mobile applications upgradation will help in increasing
the productivity, android is very user friendly as it can be used by the
workers of the enterprise also, but it is a costly affair as it must be
continuously upgraded to meet the competition in today’s situation. If the
enterprise makes a good deal and collaborate with the IT service based
companies to get the upgraded versions of application the costs for the mobile
application development can be reduced to a large extent and the upgradation
can also done with the rapidly changing e-commerce businesses.


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