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The Navajo people have many cultural traditions that they do in their tribe. One of the tasks they recite is they accomplish a ceremony called, “Khallad.” Khallad is a ceremony that celebrates a young girl turning into a strong and beautiful woman. This celebration is held for four nights and the first night the girl puts her finest clothes on and cleans herself up. Next she stretches herself onto a blanket face down which is placed in front of the hogans. Soon one of her female (female) relatives (or if they couldn’t find one for some reason they would get one of her male relatives come to the blanket and unite her to their god  by doing symbolically with hand movements. Once that is done the tribe members put the girl’s hair in knots and braids with ties. Once all of these steps are done there is a big feast held with all types of foods such as fruits such as raspberries and meat such as sheep. The Navajo people spoke the language called, “Dine Bizaad” which is spoken by approximately 175,00 people in the U.S.A. The Navajos are in a language group called, “Athabaskan” which has close to 44 different language groups inside of it. The Apache’s are also in this group and some of the languages are Chipewyan, Beaver, Sekani, Carrier, Hupa, Slave, Wailaki, Tagish, and many more. Another part of the Navajos culture is their extravagant jewelry. Most of the Navajos jewelry are either colored turquoise or the earth colors of India. Most or all of the jewelry they make are priceless in the U.S.A which could either go from 255.00 to 14,000,000 dollars. Most of the rings and bracelets are made out of silver and the blossom pendants they make are a lot like the Hopi’s. The Navajo culture is very complex and has many priceless items in hold and many ceremonies that were held. The Navajo Tribe ate many different types of food that we all now eat and that we all have not eaten(The wording here sounds a bit off). The Navajos main meal would be boiled corn with fried bread, mutton, and goat milk coffee with sugar. They also used the coffee bean for making porridge because it adds more of a sweetness to it. The meats that they ate were sheep, pork, bacon, elk, jack/cottontail rabbits, antelope, rats, and prairie dogs. The Navajo tribe ate a lot of fruits and vegetables to keep them healthy such as, wild onions/potatoes, squash, and pumpkin for the vegetables, and yucca, prickly pear, grapes, currants, chokeberries (although you usually don’t choke on them), sumac, rose (not the flower), raspberries, cedar berries, juniper berries, and mescal. They also harvested their nuts for boiling, eating as whole, or adding it as crunch to other dishes. The nuts that they ate were acorns, beans, and pinion nuts. Most of the men hunted all of the meat with spears, bow and arrows, or even just a simple slingshot they made out of string and two sticks. The woman harvested all of the fruits and vegetables with their kids by making baskets to hold the nuts in while the kids knocked them down. On special occasions they made beeweed stew which is a type of green boiled with other vegetables such as onions and potatoes. That is what the Navajo people ate and how they prepared it, harvested it, and hunted it.The Navajo tribe had many types of housing options that they made out of many types of materials. One housing option that they had were hogan’s which are houses made out of mud, tree bark, and wooden sticks. Hogans are round, domed shapes that are framed with weeds, parts of earth, and/or bark. They also had summer houses that were made out of grass, weed, and parts of the earth. They got long wooden poles/sticks and aligned them on the ground evenly. Then, they covered them with weeds, parts of the earth, and tree bark to create more of a structural house. The Navajo tribe lived in the four corners known as Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. Where they lived the land was very dry, arid, and had lots of cactuss. Because of the blazing climate with rarely enough water to water their plants.  The Navajo tribe had to do a lot of work in order to keep their crops alive because of the low water resource. That is what the Navajo tribe lived in, how the weather was like, and where they lived.Love the info you have included, and well written overall Sydney.


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