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Colaba is located on the very end of the small peninsula
that builds up Mumbai. Colaba is a diverse and vibrant area of the city. It is
filled with colorful art galleries, historic monuments and bustling markets.
There is no shortage of exciting things to see and do in Colaba.

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 Every one’s desire is
to explore the very best it has to offer. However, how many cares to know where
the present Colaba started from. Getting the roots of anything helps you
appreciate its present. Below is a short description of the roots of Colaba.

History of Colaba

Colaba is a part of Mumbai city. It was initially known as
Candil in the 16th century during the Portuguese rule. When the
British took over in the late 17th century, the island was changed
to Colio. The name Colaba originates from Kolabhat, which is a word in Kolis

Kolis were the indigenous inhabitants of Colaba islands
before the Portuguese arrived. Colaba originally consisted of two islands named
Little Colaba (or Old Woman’s Island) and Colaba. Colaba Island was among the 7
islands of Bombay that were ruled by the Portuguese.

The group of islands was later given to Charles II of
England by Portugal as a dowry of Catherine of Braganza. This was strongly
resented by Portuguese administrators in Bombay and Goa. This angered Charles
II and he decided to lease it out to a British East India Company for annual

A meteorological observatory was established in the part
that was known as Upper Colaba in 1826. In 1838 Colaba causeway was completed
joining the remaining two islands. Colaba gradually became a commercial centre
in 1844 after the opening of the Cotton Exchange at Cotton Green. The cost of
real estate went up. The Colaba Causeway was later widened in 1861 and 1863.

Presently, The Gateway of India, Café Mondegar, Leopold and
Royal Café, Bademiya Restaurant, Bagdadi and a number of clubs, restaurants and
pubs all add to the atmosphere. Colaba is also known for imitation consumer
goods, high-end boutiques and is popular with tourists.

Notable residents of Colaba include Ratan Tata. Colaba
causeway offers everything from perfumes to bracelets to watches, clothes,
clocks, DVDs and CDs. It contains an old English fascination and a very fresh
feel as well. It can also be said to be the art centre of Mumbai because major
museums and galleries are located in and around this city.

Colaba is the home to Cooperage Football Ground with
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Churchgate being the nearest railway stations.
The tourist attraction sites of Colaba include; Colaba observatory, Colaba
Causeway and Cowasji Jehangir Hall. We also have Ballard Estate, Cathedral of
the Holy Name, Prong’s Lighthouse, Gateway of India, Sassoon Docks and David
Sassoon Library.

With that simple history Colaba I was now able to explore
the city with an understanding of where it has come from. I also appreciated
the improvement and great growth evident in this city.

It being my first time in this city, I needed a tour guide. I
needed someone who had a great understanding of the city in general. The best
person to play this role was none other than a female escort. I had heard so
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My encounter with
Colaba escorts

I went to different independent Colaba female escorts
‘websites to see what they had to offer. There were all kinds of beautiful
girls all promising great and worthwhile experiences. I had never been to this
town again, and hence had no clue of what to expect from them all.

After some considerations, I decided to work with an escort
agent. This was for two reasons, my safety and assurance of the value of my
money. There were different agencies but there is a particular one that
attracted my attention. They had the most beautiful girls in the city, had
powerful reviews from their clients and were very affordable.

My Escort Angels agency won my heart and I decided to
contact them. The first thing that excited me was the calm sweet voice on the
other end. The voice was so sweet and tempting. The girl was also very
friendly. Their approach was enough to confirm to me I had gotten exactly what
I was looking for.

I explained to them that I was a visitor and needed a
companion who was familiar with Colaba. I was very precise; I wanted a girl who
will make my visit in Colaba a memorable one. They took me through their
screening process as usual. After they were convinced I qualified for one of
their girls, they promised to send her right away.

It took her approximately 45 minutes to get to my hotel
room. And just as their name indicates, they are real angels living on earth.
Or better still I was lucky enough to get an angel for my companion. Her beauty
was enough to convince you of a heaven sent experience.

We had our breakfast together while chatting and getting to
know each other. It was just impossible to embark to this journey with a
stranger. I needed more of a friend than a tour guide. Therefore we had to
spend a few minutes if not hours just to know each other and get acquainted
with each other.

In less than one hour, we had bonded so well you would think
we have been friends for decades. Just as I had requested, this girl had a
perfect understanding of Colaba city. She was full of life and very excited to
be my companion.

Beautiful sceneries
in Colaba city

My Colaba female escort knew this city as the palm of her
hand. She gave me a few lists of places to visit, what to expect there, how
much time we need to get there and so on. Within the first hour of meeting and
interacting with her I appreciated her companionship. Below are some of the
places we were able to visit with my escort.


When I first got to Colaba, I noticed how different people
looked at me. I was first troubled by what was so unique with me that everyone
had to turn and look at me. Thanks to my female escort who came in for me just
at the right time.

She requested me to prepare myself so that we can kick off
to my adventure. She explained politely that my dressing would be very
uncomfortable for me. This is when I realized the reason why everyone was
looking at me was because of my odd dressing style.

If you are up to shopping and shopping with fun, then take a
female escort in Colaba along with you. She adds a lot of value to your
experience. After some considerations, my female escort settled for Colaba

Colaba Causeway is a bazaar extending from a spread
collection of stands to a seemingly unending boardwalk of irresistible things. Approaching
the entrance of the Causeway, you are welcomed with galaxies of bags, T-shirts,
clothes and exotic shawls.

 We spent quite a
precious amount of time doing our shopping. Time flew so fast without any of us
even noticing it. Many of the shop attendants thought we were couples who had
come to Colaba to enjoy our honeymoon. This girl gave me an experience of a
lifetime. Everyone was just congratulating me and telling me how lucky I was to
have such a beautiful wife.

If you long to have an experience of a real girlfriend,
Colaba escorts at My Escorts Angels agency will make a perfect match for you. This
was our first day and I was feeling at the top of my world.

After a long day with shopping and walking up and down
Colaba Causeway, my escort offered to give me massage. I never expected that
from her since it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in our agreement. I have visited
many different beauty parlors but I’ve never felt what I felt with her.

Female escorts in Colaba are all round service givers. Whatever
you need from them they ensure they give their 100%. Within a few minutes, I
had already forgotten how tired I was and how busy my day had been.


Nothing fights the heat of Colaba like watching some
Bollywood drama in an art-deco enthused Movie Theater. Regal Cinema was the
first air-conditioned theater in India. It has remained a safe haven away from
the crowds and heat ever since. It was built during the eruption of Cinema in

Regal Cinema is not just an entertaining visit, but it is a
historic one too. You simply have to lean back in their comfortable seats and
enjoy the choice of International and Bollywood cinema on offer. The fun of
watching a romantic Bollywood movie with an escort in Colaba is fascinating.

If planning to visit Colaba either for official, business or
leisure, a romantic film at Regal Cinema with your escort should top your list.
It does not only arouse you sexually, but it leaves you captivated. It is such
a romantic experience. When an escort guides you, romance is a surety.


This is one of the most fascinating areas and neighborhoods
of Colaba. It is also referred to as the art-district of South Mumbai.
Educational centers, museums, art galleries and cinemas are gathered together.

Kala Ghoda is translated ‘the black horse’. It derived its
name from King Edward VII’s black stone statue mounted on a horse. This is the
focal point of the area. Kala Ghoda is an abode for art lovers. It is one of
the most culturally rich and artistic place in Colaba.

This was the best time of visiting Kala Ghoda. The annual
festival known as Kala Ghoda Art Festival that goes for nine consecutive days
had entered its second day. The festival is mainly set for encouraging and
celebrating artists and artisans. This festival attracts millions of visitors
from across India and the world.

The visit was packed with more than I expected. It was time
for fashion show and romantic dance. The second day of this festival is usually
set aside for couples to showcase their talents.

People from all walks of life were present each with their
wives or girlfriends in their arms. My female escort whispered into my ear “it
is time to show them what you are made of”. Before I would say a word, she
pulled my hand straight to the dance floor. I never knew I would dance so well.

The magic in Colaba escorts raises your adrenaline so fast.
You find yourself doing things you never thought you would do. Within no time,
the whole room was filled with shouts and screams. Everyone in the room was
going crazy. I felt like I was walking in a different planet. I have never been
so proud of myself like I was that day.

I was as well shocked by the flexibility of my escort just
like everyone else. If you have always desired to have a romantic dance that
will leave you mesmerized, a female escort in Colaba will give you more than
you bargained for. Their bodies are boneless. They can make any kind of move
you would ever think of. Just mention it, and she’ll be there at your service.  


This is the water empire of Colaba. Back Bay is an amazing
area of sand and sea that gives you a cool feeling away from the daily jostle
and commotion of the city. The Bay encompasses one of the most famous beaches
in the city called Chowpatty beach.

Take a stroll along the Back Bay and watch couples taking
romantic walks taking in the salty breeze which fills the air with freshness. Back
Bay gives you a peaceful getaway within Colaba city. If you are into swimming
and like having fun in water then this is the place to be.

Most of Colaba female escorts are good swimmers. They are
therefore able to give you crazy experiences right in the waters. If you are
among those few men who love having sex in water, then a female escort in
Colaba will give you just what you need.  


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