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The most important parts of all the sources is that this damage is permanent and will stickwith you forever. But will affect only as time passes meaning that people could gain a lot of deadbrain cells and be affected by it years later or maybe just a week later. This means a person mightnot be educated on the effects of CTE which could cause unnecessary damage because of thelack of understanding or knowledge of this brain damage because they might only know aboutconcussions and on top of all of that it seems to only affect people after they are done withfootball or any of the other contact sports. Also CTE and Alzheimer’s disease do actually havesome similarities but CTE tends to affect people at 40 years of age while Alzheimer’s affectspeople at around the age of 60 which restricts judgement, reasoning and problem solving.Solutions could also include the previously stated vicis helmet that is at a grand cost of$1,500 which would make most high schools not able to provide these helmets for young athletesthese helmets have the technology to reduce most concussion giving hits but like any other helmet it isn’t surefire. The helmet is though quite effective and that is what we want to go forThe ZERO 1’s multiple layers work together to slow impact forces. The helmet features a softouter shell and an underlying layer of columns designed to mitigate collisions from multipledirections. Which means the helmets need to be further researched so you can lower the pricebecause you need to be able to buy a lot of helmets if you are a school. Or have a way to lowerthe price through some sort of funding to help the helmets be more available than other helmetsbecause Vicis helmet is the best at protecting but is the helmet that is least used even in the bigleagues. What we really want everyone to make the helmet at cheaper price so we can have moresafety for all around for everyone. The negatives would be mostly price and availability amongplayers that aren’t just in the big leagues because I don’t see Mariner these VICIs helmetsanytime soon.One of the solutions is that there should be more awareness concerning CTE althoughpeople being affected by CTE might know that they are getting damaged but they still mightknow the full effect of said damage. Also background checks within their family would be agood way to know if CTE runs through the family and because they only think CTE is caused byhead trauma could also be linked to something else or it could just plainly be the chronic traumaof hitting your head repeatedly. Which means there is still more to learn on the subject of CTE.This is brought mostly because of the fact that the abnormal protein tau is made by your bodywhich means if your body creates more tau than someone else they will get a higher chance ofgetting CTE. Another could be fundraisers that make it easier for helmets to be bought andbackground tests to see if parents or grandparents had gotten CTE as well because this diseaseused to be known as


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