The Tutankhamun was just a teenager when

The Mystery

mystery is that no one truly knows how Tutankhamen died at the tender age of 18
simply because his name stopped being the topic of discussion once he died.
Ever since a British Archeologist by the name of Howard Carter found King Tuts
tomb in 1922 in the Valley of the Kings there have been many speculations about
what actually happened to him. How could someone so young die so suddenly? More
importantly, how could no one know how he died? In this paper, I’ll be
discussing two theories and explaining which theory I find to be truer.

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Two (2) reasonable and
scholarly theories

on the information I read in the class textbook, The Humanities, “King
Tutankhamun was just a teenager when he died. For an ancient Egyptian pharaoh,
presumably well-fed and fiercely protected, this was a premature demise. It was
also momentous, for his death meant the beginning of the end of ancient Egypt’s
18th dynasty”(Sayre, 2015). What exactly happened to the young King and
how did it actually happen are two questions many want to be answered. The
first theory is that he had catastrophic injuries. According to the National
Geographic, in 2005 under the direction of Zahi Hawass, then head of Egypt’s
Supreme Council of Antiquities an accurate CT scan was performed on the
mummified body of King Tutankhamen. It uncovered the extraordinary harm to the
rib cage, a missing breastbone, and a broken leg. Without a doubt, King Tut had
endured some extreme injury. With that being said, the first theory according
to the specialists is that King Tutankhamen could have been run into by a
speeding chariot while he was on his knees. They likewise suggest the harm to
King Tutankhamen’s chest was caused by a quick kick from a horse since horses
pulled the pharaoh’s chariot.

second theory implies that Tutankhamen’s passing was a consequence of being in
a debilitated state because his parents were brother and sister (Buchanan,
2014). The leader of the Foundation for Mummies and Iceman, Teacher Albert Zink
expressed that Tutankhamen couldn’t have driven a chariot because he had a
clubbed foot and likely couldn’t have even stood, not to mention driving a
chariot. Teacher Zink said that Intestinal sickness could have assumed a part
of the passing also, however how huge remains a puzzle. Zink concedes more
research is required. Another factor in Zink’s theory is that only one of the
bone fractures happened while Tutankhamen was alive

                                      The Most
Plausible Theory

   The theory by professor zink is the best to
me. The first reason is that Zink utilized 2000 PC sweeps to analyze all that
he could. It is profoundly improbable that somebody with a clubbed foot could
be dynamic and drive a chariot. The second reason is inbreeding has been
demonstrated to cause issues in DNA. Some blend of the debilitated state and
intestinal sickness in all probability caused his death.


two things I learned while researching this paper is that King Tut was
extremely young when he died and that his parents were actually brother and


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