The hours were required for training. Additionally, high

The focal report was
compiled by Burton Reist, the
Acting Chief, and Decennial Management Division. This evaluation report was
primarily hoarded so as to assess the achievements of the increased automation
in terms of efficiency, cost saving, and operational improvements in the Census
Address Canvassing operation that took place in the year 2010. The purpose of
this paper is to determine the effectiveness of the case study in providing the
relevant information regarding the increased automation, which could be useful
in making decisions in the consecutive census.

One of the most
interesting things about the report is the comprehensive information that is
clearly outlined in the analysis. The report was successful in addressing all
the areas in which increased automation proved to be effective. In addition, it
provided information of the system’s shortcomings. For instance, it clearly
revealed that the anticipated savings on cost were not realized, but rather the
automation by far surpassed the previous census budgeted costs (Reist, 2012, p.
xii). Most importantly, the report contains a guideline of major steps that
ought to be taken in future in order to achieve the expected results.

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The author has also
highlighted other key components that were incorporated in the Automation, for example, Census Test Address
Canvassing Operation, GPS Structure Coordinate Collection, and Electronic Maps.
These elements enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and proper storage of data.
Operational Field Test of Address Canvassing was carried in order to ascertain
the efficiency of the system. However, a number of challenges were encountered
during the introduction and the implementation phases of the system. For
example, prior to the introduction of the system, too long hours were required
for training. Additionally, high costs were incurred during the purchase and
formulation of the system.

 To evaluate the system, the author compared
the achieved results with those of the previous systems. The main point was to
measure the effectiveness of the new system in acquiring the set objectives.
After the analysis, it was clear that although the increased automation
improved on speed and efficiency, the incurred costs were higher than expected.
As a way of backing this report, the author has issued precise figures. For
instance, he clearly stated that the costs of operation were 845 million
dollars, while a similar paper operation would cost 562 million dollars (Reist,
2012, p. 45).

One of the
weaknesses in the report is that the anticipated costs failed to put into
consideration the issues of cost inflation and workload adjustments.
Effectiveness in data storage is one of the strengths that the author
established. This text relates to the world in the context that change is
inevitable in the day-to-day life. However, strengths and weakness are useful
when such change is being executed. Similarly, we have to overcome some
limitations during our coursework.       










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