The both nations have decided to cooperate in

The formal relationship between
Pakistan and China started in 1950. Pakistan was the fisrt country in Islamic
world and third country among communists countries who accepted China as an
independent state just after the Taiwan’s China dispute in 1950. However, the
diplomatic relations between the two countries were formed on May 31, 1951.In
1962, China’s border with India was a significant step in the relations between
the two countrie. Pakistan leadership who understands India as its traditional
enemy helped to get it into an alternate force in the region, so that the
Indian way of stay can be stopped. In 1965 Indo-Pak India War, China provided
special assistance to Pakistan, after which military and economic contacts
between the two countries became more intense. In 1966 military forces
cooperation  began. China is making
Pakistan self-sufficient  in  defense production. China’s arm is cheaper which
does not get from the west. If anything is not found then both the countries
prepare it jointly in which some Chinese and some Western technology is
included. China played appreciateable role of big brother in both Indo-Pak
wars. China has become Pakistan’s largest supplier of arms
and its third-largest trading partner. China has given Pakistan a loan of $60
million which was later made a grant after east pakistan broke
away. Recently, both nations have decided to cooperate in improving Pakistan’s civil nuclear power sector.

Maintaining close relations with China is a central part
of Pakistan’s foreign policy. Pakistan
also gave a positive answer to China’s good engagement always. Pakistan did
full diplomacy in establishing diplomatic relations between America and China
and in restoring China’s membership in UN.

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 In 1986 Zia visited China to improve diplomatic
relations.In addition, Pakistan was one of only two countries, alongside Cuba,
to offer crucial support for the PRC in after the Tiananmen protests of 1989. China and
Pakistan also share close military relations, with China supplying a range of
modern armaments to the Pakistani defence forces. China supports Pakistan’s
stance on Kashmir while
Pakistan supports China on the issues of Xinjiang, Tibet, and Taiwan. Military cooperation has deepened with
joint projects producing armaments ranging from fighter jets to
guided missile frigates.

Chinese cooperation with Pakistan has reached economic high
points, with substantial Chinese investment in Pakistani infrastructural
expansion including the Pakistani deep-water port at Gwadar.
Both countries have an ongoing free trade agreement.
Pakistan has served as China’s main bridge between Muslim countries. Pakistan
also played an important role in bridging the communication gap between China
and the West by facilitating the 1972 Nixon visit to China. The relations
between Pakistan and China have been described by Pakistan’s ambassador to
China as higher than the mountains, deeper than the oceans, stronger
than steel, dearer than eyesight, sweeter than honey, and so on. 

and China has long history of reliable and time tested relationship. PakChina
friendship has been proved to be model of friendship between two neighboring
states. Both states have strong political, defence, social and economic
relations. The changes took place in government of both states do not affect
their relations. Their friendship is based on the principle of equality and
mutual interests in all the fields of life. Both states respect the
independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of each other. Both
countries are giving much importance to their mutual relations in their foreign
policy. Pakistan supported Chinese point of view on one China policy, Tibet and
Taiwan issues. China always gives defence and economic assistance to Pakistan.
In Pakistan, there is huge Chinese investment which is likely to invest in the
development of infrastructure, roads, highway, ports, and energy and
communications sectors. Pakistan welcomed the Chinese investment for social and
economic development. China supported Pakistan role against terrorism in this region.
Both states are giving much importance to strengthen their economic relations.
Chinese investment in Pakistan is gradually increasing which is very important
for economic development. In South Asia, Pakistan is first country which has
FTA (free trade agreement) with China. Pakistan and China are good trading
partners. During first five years of FTA, Pakistan’s exports were increased.
So, it is planned to extend FTA for next five years. Both states cooperate each
others in the field of trade, economic, agriculture, industry, energy, communication,
and technology sectors. Pakistan-China relations are an excellent example of
shared perceptions on important issues and dependable friendship based on
principles. Historically, Pakistan and China has strong defence relations.
China shares close military relations with Pakistan and transfer modern
equipments to Pakistan defence forces. China gave material and moral support to
Pakistan during Soviet invasion in Afghanistan, wars against India and as a
frontline state against terrorism. Both states want to promote diplomatic,
defence, economic, and social relations. The relations between two states
describe as higher than Himalaya, deeper than Arabian Sea. In twenty first
century, Pakistan-China relations entered in new phase of development and
cooperation. When General Pervez Musharraf became new chief executive of
Pakistan, he focused to improve relations with China. In January 2000, Chief
executive of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf visited China after few months
after he came of power. Pervez Musharraf met the Chinese Primer Zhou Rongji and
discussed the problems related US sanctions on Pakistan’s nuclear policy and
democracy related issues. He also talked to enhance Pak-China economic and
trade relations. Premier Zhou Rongji stated military government in Pakistan
would not affect Pak-China relations and stated “In our nation-building
endeavors, our two countries have supported each other and have carried out
fruit full cooperation”. Pervez Musharraf stated that “Pakistan considers China
as its most reliable and time tested friend”. (Mahmood, 2000) In 2001, two
countries organized major celebrations on 50th anniversary of Pak-China
bilateral relations. In May 2001, Chinese primer Zhou Rongji visited Pakistan
to attend 50th anniversary of Pakistan and China bilateral relationship. Zhou
Rongji announced that China would start cooperation on the initial development
of Gwadar port and coastal highway in Pakistan. Zhou Rongji also stated peace
and stability in this region was priority of China. (Tao, 2012) The terrorists
attacked World Trade Center and Pentagon on 11 September 2001. The world
community reacted with shock. All condemned the attacks and expressed sympathy
for American people. The President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf issued a
strong statement of condemnation and sympathy. He also affirmed Pakistan’s
readiness to join US war in fight against terrorism. 


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