The cities. Remarkably, the hygienists have tampered the


The Art of Building

article is one of the front-runners in
the literature on architecture and public
space that addresses the nature of the buildings in early periods of history.

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The writer critiques the use of space in the present time and gives a comparison with the past. He discusses the
modern architect-designers whom he calls
hygienist and suggests that they should stop perceiving architecture as a
functional design and instead become artists with a pallet and incorporate more
elements of ancient civilizations.

            The first chapter addresses the
importance of monuments and works of art in community life. Notably, a sharp
contrast of the statues erected in the past with the present ones is drawn. In
recent times, the effect of statues and works of art in the architectural
design was highly appreciated since they were given much space, which can be
seen in the examples of Acropolis of
Athens and the piazza of the Signoria. 

            In the later part, the article
addresses the presence and structure of public spaces in the recent time and
suggests the elements that can be implemented in modern times to avoid chaos
while boiling cities. Remarkably, the hygienists have tampered the glory of old
buildings by shifting public spaces from the center
of the cities into the edge, which reduced the attractive view of the
architecture. Consequently, the appreciation of architecture has diminished
since most people do not experience it in its entire glory, for instance, at
Parma, Ravenna, and other ancient cities.

            The article draws a clear comparison
of modern and ancient time architecture in European cities while maintaining an
objective and distinct view. The critique provided in the article is supported
by clear evidence and specific examples. Thus, the proposed changes can serve
as clear foundation for modern architectural designs.



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