The leather, synthetic leather, buttons, hairpins, zippers, hats,

The classification of thermoplastic plastic by function and use can be classified into 3 categories: 1, general plastic ?PE?PVC?PS?PMMA2, general engineering plastics ?PA?PC?POM?PET?PBT?PPO?MPPO3, and special engineering plastics.?PTFE?PPS?PI?Polysulfone?polyketonePlastic is made from two parts, resin, and additives.The field of plastic applications.(1) packing materials are the largest use of plastic, accounting for more than 20% of the total amount, and the main products are as follows.1?The film products, such as heavy packaging film, barrier film, heat-shrinkable film, self-adhesive film, anti-rust film, tear film and air cushion.Membrane, etc.2?Bottle products, such as food packaging bottles (oil, beer, soda, liquor, vinegar, soy sauce and milk, etc.), cosmetic bottles, medicine bottles and chemical reagent bottles, etc.3?Boxes of products, such as food boxes (lunch boxes, cake boxes, gift boxes and ice cream boxes, etc.) and hardware, handicrafts,Stationery and other boxes.4?Cup products, such as a disposable beverage cup, milk cup, and yogurt cup.5?Boxes of products, such as beer boxes, soda boxes, food containers, working containers, ammunition boxes, fruit boxes, vegetable boxes and.And so on.6?Bags, such as handbags and woven bags, etc.(2) daily necessities mainly include the following items.1?The products such as POTS, buckets, boxes, baskets, plates, chairs, ships, leather cases, thermos bottles, silk, and nets, etc.2?Stationery, such as a pen, ruler, clip, knife, table tennis, badminton, and racket, etc.3?Clothing products, such as sole, artificial leather, synthetic leather, buttons, hairpins, zippers, hats, raincoats, skin.With necklaces and so on.4?Kitchen supplies, such as POTS, bowls, pans, buckets, forks, spoons, chopping boards, lighters, and firearms.(3) agricultural materials such as film, canopy film, seedling plate, irrigation pipe, drip irrigation pipe, sprayer and fishing net, etc.(4) there are several main building materials.The 1?pipe material, such as pipe, pipe, pipe, tube and heating pipe.2?The material, such as a door, window, furniture, armrest, decorative line and warm air cover, etc.3?The plate, such as decorative board, ceiling, floor, exterior wall decorative aluminum plastic composite board, sun board, partition board and roof partition.Hot plate, etc..4?Other, such as carpet, floor leather, wallpaper, artificial marble, artificial agate, whole bathroom and waterproof material, etc.(5) insulation materials such as high, medium and low voltage insulated cables and sheath cables, capacitor media film, junction box, switch,Relays and air switches etc.(6) mechanical products such as various kinds of housing, pump material, pull rod, rope, chain, sprocket, gear, CAM, shaft.Bearing, guide rail, seals, and gaskets, etc.(7) auto parts such as instrument panel, bumper, wheel housing cover, steering wheel, seat, fuel tank, pipeline, radiator grill.Grid, ashtray, ceiling, armrest, frame, lampshade and friction film, etc.(8) medical materials, such as artificial bone, trachea, blood vessels, skin, teeth, kidneys and heart valves;The medical device, such as a disposable syringe, surgical instrument, blood transfusion tube, endoscope tube, and catheter, etc.(9) optical materials mainly include optical lens materials, optical fiber materials, and optical disc materials.The single screw extruder is usually matched with the extruder head, and then it is equipped with the cooling fining device, traction device, a cutting device, etc.Set up the extrusion unit, and set up the molding pipe, film, sheet, profile, wire, net, rod, cable covering, etc.The continuous production line of the product.The function of a single screw extruder is to transport, plasticize, homogenize and build the plastic.The process of cutting and heating of plastic in the extruder cylinder to flow state and good plasticity.One of the important functions of a single screw extruder is to transfer the plastic material steadily to the extruder.Machine goes through by the solid particles (or powder) to the transition of the solution, in order to adapt to the change of state of the plastic, extruder design has a solid conveying section, melt and melt conveying section of the three functions, among them, the culture delivery period is known as the metering section, different functionsThe material transport mechanism is different.Single screw extruder can be applied to the processing of PP, PE, PS, ABS, PMMA, PVC and other thermoplastic pipes, sheet, sheet, bar, profile, and plastic granulator. In polymer processing, twin screw extruder is applied as follows:1) for the processing of hard polyethylene (RPVC) products, such as a directly extruding plate, tube, various profiles, etc.2) the physical modification of the polymer is mixed, filled and enhanced to carry out two different types of polymers.Mix to get the properties of the blend required.Add ? inorganic or organic filler in the polymer, for example, to improve strength performance, or? ultra high strength fibers are added into the polymer, such as carbon fiber or cassia carbide fiber to form a high strength, high heat resistance materials.3) the preparation of color masterbatch ? pigments and a variety of additives are added to the polymer, the polymer staining or to improve its processability, and gives its specific physical and chemical properties.4) chemical reactions such as polymerization and condensation of monomers as polymer synthesis reactors, or for plastics, rubber and.Concentrated, exhaust, dehydration, extrusion drying, extraction monomer, etc.5) substitute the mixer for mixing the powder resin, which is for the feed of the calendering machine, or with the granulator and the metering combination.In the granulation 06) it is used in plastic recycling to recycle the waste materials and waste materials in plastic processing.


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