The history meaning that is now known and

The phrase
“Remember the Alamo” has deep history meaning that is now known and studied by
people all over the world. This battle cry was yelled during and after the
Battle of San Jacinto, to remember the Texans lost all of their fighters
devastatingly in a frantic fight at the Alamo. The battle took place because
Texas was trying to depart from Mexico and it lead to Texas earning their
independence. This battle cry reminded Texans that they should not give up and
could win even against greater odds. In the 1920s and 1930s, Tejano music was
becoming very popular in Texas especially among the Mexican migrants.  This type of music, Tejano music, is known
for its instrumentation and orchestration and originated among the
Mexican-American populations of Central and Southern Texas. Another typical
notation of Tejano music of that time period was that is typically consisted of
mostly male musicians and singers. These were some of many stereotypes that
Rosita Fernandez would overcome during her long career.

Rosita Fernandez
began her career signing in her uncles band called “Trio San
Miguel”. They traveled and played in carpas or tent stages. At that
early age she became the bands lead singer which was very rare, even among
family bands. This was one stereotype she broke early in life. In the early 1930s, Rosita began singing on radio and
all over San Antonio. She became known for her poblano dresses and singing corridos, and ballads, also at the time
dominated mostly by male performers. A favorite spot for Rosita’s performances
was the Arneson River Theater on the San Antonio River near the River Walk. She
was a true attraction for the city, for many visitors, and in 1982 a nearby bridge
was named after her.

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Another milestone achieved by Rosita Fernández was her many
recordings of Tejano ballads which made her an early pioneer as one of the
first female Tejana singers to record during that time period.  She sang for many famous people in her life
including Lady Bird Johnson, who named her San Antonio’s First Lady of Song. She
married Raúl A. Almaguer in 1938 but continued performing under her maiden name
which was almost unheard of for a woman that day and age. The author notes that
women in the borderlands have been aligned against race, class, sexuality and gender.
“Remember the Alamo” can be applied to Rosita Fernandez as she did not back
away from these challenges but instead pursued her passion which helped lead to
a sexist free music industry.