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The Lean Startup is one of the alternative SDLC methodology, I would like to discuss in detail. This methodology is suitable for entrepreneurs  who seek to build a startup by spending limited resources to determine if their product is worth developing. It is mainly focused on developing  a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on Build-Measure-Learn (BML) feedback loop and validated learning. MVP is the first version of software released to a sizable user group and it is built with a basic set of functional features to demonstrate the idea behind the project. The purpose of developing an MVP model is to maximize learning through feedback from customers and market data. MVP is mainly based on assumptions and after getting feedback from the customers, development team can decide whether to continue or modify the functionality of the product and this process is repeated over several iterations until the final product is released into the market.The conceptual design and implementation process are very critical steps in this methodology as they depend on knowledge and experience of skilled persons who has long term product strategy in mind in order to lay out a good foundation for future development. The main advantage of this model is that it is easily scalable and serves as an alternative model to traditional software models which are primarily designed for large projects and helps in reducing the time and cost by eliminating the unnecessary steps during the product development. It also helps in delivering the functionality in lesser amount of time and thus giving more importance to development team in decision making process.However, there are certain limitations to this methodology: From a technical perspective, it is difficult to get the balance on analyzing the  market data and laying out good quality foundation for future work. The success of project is highly dependent on cohesiveness of the team and the individual commitments and skill level of the team members. Also, there might be some technical gaps at an early stage and a quick feedback would allow accelerated learning.