The while but I am pursuing to

The situation that challenged me most was when I was given a
task and I wasn’t able to accomplish it because of my lack of dedication and
time to that specific responsibility. When I was given a load of task I only
focus on what I think will be the easiest and I think that made me an
irresponsible individual.


I overcome it by giving time to every task I was given and
not focus on just one responsibility. I tried to do things on a peaceful manner
so that I will be able to understand it quickly and analyze them in such a

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I could consider my training situation as qualified to be
one of my college linkages for it helped me develop my character, enrich my
knowledge and further understand different situations. It helped me to know the
importance of time. It paved my way to interact with people in the most
professional, placid way. It helped me dealt with the situations within the
working environment may it be good or bad. It refreshes my mind to be at the
most I am and at the most I will be. And those challenges improved my
personality and I would carry it in the near future.

consideroptimism as my strongest area of performance. No criticisms would be a
hinder for me to continue to believe in my strengths. I am a person full of
flaws and weaknesses but that wouldn’t stop me to fulfill my dreams because I
take negative comments in the most positive way wherein it paves a way for more
improvements in my personality, character and performance. It may take me a
while but I am pursuing to strive harder and do things at my most.

My questions or concerns pertaining to my training job would
be if there are any skills that the authority in charge have found to be
particularly important to a specific role and if he sees any opportunities for
improvement in the way the organization conducts its business.

Prior to my work’s starting point,
I have received an orientation regarding what should I be and what should I do
inside the working facility, how should I interact to the people of the
company, what time should I report inside the establishment, how I should be
responsible with the tasks given and assigned to me, who are the people in
authority, how I should follow the policies of the business and the company,
and how the mainstream stuffs that I should know even before I enter the
establishment I will be in.In the orientation I have learned how to be more
knowledgeable with the things I should do so that it will lessen my lack of
reluctancy within the business.


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